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Time is money, as they say, and managing it efficiently can make or break a business. Sage Intacct Intelligent Time provides a powerful new way of revolutionising time tracking – which we’re exploring the highlights and benefits of in this post… 


Time’s Up for Traditional Timesheets!

The go-to method for tracking employees’ hours, traditional timesheets are now proving less effective than more modern solutions like leading cloud accounting solution Sage Intacct. 

While they served an essential purpose, traditional timesheets are fraught with issues such as: 

  • Employees forgetting to log their hours or recording them inaccurately. 
  • The risk of errors or even data loss if different versions of a spreadsheet are being used. 
  • A risk of timesheet fraud negatively impacting the company’s bottom line. 

Here are 10 ways Sage Intacct Intelligent Time is set to revolutionise Employee Time Tracking and Management: 

approval sox compliance

1. Improved Accuracy

Intelligent Time automates the time-tracking process, capturing work hours in real-time. This reduces the margin for error to almost nothing, with a precision that ensures employees are paid for the exact hours worked, preventing costly payroll errors and disputes. 

2. Enhanced Productivity

Manually filling out timesheets is a time-consuming task that takes employees away from their core responsibilities and requires human administrative efforts to review then process them. 

Intelligent Time frees up valuable time by automating time capture, approval and reporting so employees can focus on their primary tasks, while managers can devote time to more strategic activities. 


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3. Streamlined Workflow

Traditional timesheets can involve cumbersome approval processes that lead to bottlenecks. With Sage Intacct Intelligent Time, approvals are streamlined through automated workflows. Managers can review and approve timesheets in just a few clicks, reducing processing delays and ensuring a timely payroll. 

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4. Real-time Visibility

The real-time visibility Sage Intacct Intelligent Time provides allows the easy and efficient monitoring of project progresses, employee availability and optimum resource allocation. This heightened level of visibility empowers decision makers and project managers to make informed decisions, adjust workloads as needed and ensure projects stay on track. 

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5. Project Cost Control

Businesses who bill clients based on hours worked need accurate time-tracking. Traditional timesheets can result in under or over-billing due to inaccuracies in recording hours properly. 

Sage Intacct’s Intelligent Time features precise tracking, ensuring clients are correctly billed on time, improving cash flow and enhancing your businesses’ reputation. 

Discover Sage Intacct’s advanced Project Management capabilities in our video introduction below. 

Intro to Sage Intacct Projects Video
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6. Easier Compliance

Compliance with employer legislation and regulations is critical for any organisation. Sage Intacct Intelligent Time helps simplify this process, by automatically applying overtime rules and ensuring employees adhere to labour regulations. 

Intelligent Time establishes a clear audit trail, enhancing accountability and mitigating legal risks. 

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7. Make Data-driven Decisions

Data is the lifeblood of a modern business, helping you understand where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re heading. 

Sage Intacct Intelligent Time collects valuable time-data that is highly useful in analysing employee productivity, project performance and the effectiveness of resource allocation. This data-driven approach enables you to make more informed decisions, optimise workflows and allocate resources more efficiently. 

8. Adaptability

Growing organisations might struggle to adapt to their changing business needs using traditional timesheets. Intelligent Time can accommodate your evolving workforce, project portfolio and reporting requirements without significant disruption to your operations, making it ideal for scaling a business. 

system integration

9. Intelligent Integration

Intacct’s Intelligent Time seamlessly integrates with your existing financial management systems, creating a unified platform for all your accounting and time-tracking needs. 

This integration eliminates data silos and enhances collaboration between finance and other departments. 

10. Employee Satisfaction

Efficient time-tracking leads to accurate and timely payroll – a crucial factor in employee satisfaction. When employees have confidence they’ll be paid correctly and on time, morale naturally improves leading to higher retention rates and a more engaged workforce. 

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