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One of Sage Intacct’s most powerful capabilities is its’ Multi-Entity functionality, allowing users to seamlessly manage multiple entities in one centralised system. In this post, we’re highlighting our top 5 most useful features of Sage Intacct Multi-Entity Management


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1. Centralised Control & Visibility

Sage Intacct Multi-Entity enables users to easily manage multiple entities and monitor the financial performance of them all via a single dashboard, providing real-time data insights.

Users can define and maintain individual charts of accounts for each entity in the organisation, ideal if entities have unique financial structures, accounts and reporting requirements. Generating entity-specific financial statements is simplified, streamlining their financial management across diverse entities.

Discover Sage Intacct’s Dashboards and Reporting in our Introductory Video:

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2. Inter-Entity Transactions

Intercompany transactions are complex and time-consuming to track and reconcile manually. Sage Intacct Multi-Entity allows businesses to automate intercompany transactions, ensuring accurate recording and seamless reconciliation across multiple entities in just a few clicks of a button.

Sage Intacct Multi Entity simplifies fund transfers, sharing expenses and managing inventory between entities. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors and improves overall financial accuracy and even allows users to manage multiple entities with different base currencies.

Sage Intacct Dashboards & Reporting

Discover the power of Sage Intacct Dashboards & Reporting

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3. Self-Service Reporting

Sage Intacct’s powerful reporting capability lets you generate consolidated reports across multiple entities in minutes.

But what if you need to restrict users having access to certain information? No problem – gain control over who accesses sensitive information by setting up custom permissions. Sage Intacct’s intuitive system enables you to restrict user access to specific data, allowing managers to focus on department or site performance, sales professionals to track their sales metrics and CFOs to have a comprehensive view of the entire organisation.

With Sage Intacct Reporting, users experience streamlined access control and improved data confidentiality.

See how Sage Intacct customers are revolutionising their reporting in our article here.

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4. Global Consolidations

Businesses operating on a global scale face challenges complying with varying accounting standards and managing internationals consolidations.

Sage Intacct Multi-Entity simplifies global consolidations by allowing a business to manage and consolidate financials across multiple entities, regardless of their location or accounting rules.

With automated currency conversions, users can consolidate global entities in minutes, even with differing base currencies, which are then converted into the base currency of the route entity – next level consolidations in action!

Watch our short video on Multi-Entity Consolidations with Sage Intacct:

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5. Scalability

Adding new entities as a business grows is easy with Sage Intacct Multi-Entity. Designed to support and seamlessly accommodate growth, Sage Intacct effortlessly handles additional entities with centralised management, efficient automated processes and no disruption to the system or user even in rapid growth stages.

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Discover Sage Intacct

For businesses aiming to grow and manage multiple entities effectively, Sage intact provides the strong, scalable foundation they need to manage their finances well.

A robust set of features including flexible reporting, automated intercompany transactions and centralised control make Intacct the ideal solution for handling multi-entity accounting – get in touch with us to arrange a call or no-obligation demo for more.


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