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What is a Sandbox?

Do you need somewhere to try things out, make mistakes and build out new processes? 

A Sage Intacct Sandbox environment enables low-risk business process improvement and transformation. A sandbox environment empowers you to be more strategic and validate changes without comprising your active Sage Intacct system, allowing more focus on the business.

Your sandbox is a replicated testing environment of your live data, allowing you to test and update processes with the confidence that you are not making any unwanted changes to your live data. 

Are you making the most of your Sandbox?

We often get asked ‘What are the benefits of having a sandbox in Sage Intacct?’ The obvious benefits to a Sage Intacct Sandbox is the ability to trial new processes including the integration of add-ons or configuration changes, testing them, make alterations and refresh before going live. The addition of a Sandbox mitigates the risk to your live environment.  

Besides this we’ve listed just a few more benefits:  

 Increase staff productivityincrease staff productivity   

  • Get new staff up-to-speed quickly! They can learn and make mistakes without compromising your live data.   
  • Train current staff on new skills or areas of the business while minimizing risk and enhancing the learning experience due to training on your organisation’s actual data set.  

Facilitate rapid decision makingrapid decisions

  • Experiment with configuration changes or new capabilities before pushing them to live.
  • You get to use your actual data to test new processes and see the impact before making a decision.   
  • Make more informed process and customisation decisions by taking advantage of all the data in your Sage Intacct system.  

Make changes confidentlymake changes confidently

  • Avoid unintended impacts to your routine processes by testing or training in a sandbox.  
  • Have the freedom to attempt test transactions and make different configuration chices and safely assess their value.   
  • Turn on new features, test them out, and then refresh your sandbox to revert it back to your current active systems state – without involving IT or technical resources.  

 Test integrations before you go livetest integrations icon

  • Integrating with a new system? Test the integration in the sandbox environment to ensure stability and setup before pushing to live. 
  • Integrations are done safely in the test environment with no risk to your business data.

What’s included with my Sandbox?

There may come a time when you need to refresh your Sage Intacct Sandbox, so it aligns with your Sage Intacct production’s transactional data, customisations and configuration settings.  

With your Sandbox, you will receive 4 Free Refreshes per sandbox subscription period, enabling you to go about testing, and working with your most recent live data.

Also included in your Sandbox subscription is unlimited user licences, allowing users to test and work with various access permissions.

I have a Sandbox but don’t have access…

Please get in touch  with Acuity Customer Success or Acuity Support at, we can give you access, create your users and talk you through how to maintain Sandbox access.  

How do I know if I have a Sandbox?

If you are unsure if you have a sandbox or would like to find out further information on pricing and setting up your Sandbox, please get in touch with your Acuity Customer Success Manager.