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Sage Intacct Update

The latest updates for Sage Intacct

Why do we get Sage updates?

Sage Intacct is Sage’s latest and most intuitive industry-leading, true cloud accounting solution. Learn about Sage Intacct.

Sage is constantly working to improve its products and has a progressive strategy which is constantly evolving. As a result, updates to Sage products are regularly released, with the aim of providing customers with improvements based on their feedback in order to put their needs and roadmap to success at the centre of what they do.

Sage Intacct Updates

Sage Intacct 2021 R3 is the latest update, released August 2021, and covers several new updates for Sage Intacct across the three product pillars:

  • Best-in-class financials
  • Deep cross-industry functionality
  • Best-in-class cloud platform

The summary table on the right outlines the updates released under each pillar. You can download this image in PDF form via the link below.

Looking for Developer notes? Those can be found here.

Download the table

Why release 3 matters to you

Increases competitive edge

  • Proactively catches errors with GL Outlier Detection enhancements that show anomalous journal entries with tags to understand outliers at-a-glance – speeds up the approval process and process of understanding why something is an outlier without having to click into it / drill down into that entry.

Addresses common sales objections

  • Supports multi-national companies who need Canadian federal and provincial taxes
  • Covers additional billing use cases with committed usage billing in Contracts & Billing, which bills customers for a committed quantity at a given rate

Drives customer satisfaction

  • Automates matching bank transactions with more robust functionality in matching rules
  • Shows real-time accuracy of where your inventory is with “in-transit” transfers in Warehouse

For a more detailed summary of some update highlights, continue reading.


Best-in-class financials

Improved General Ledger Outlier Detection (GLOD)

With the R3 update, GLOD scores outliers using AI to call attention to what requires a closer look during the GL approval process. This update provides:

  • At-a-glance visuals for outlier type (Coding, Amount, Multiple) and shows why entries are flagged.
  • User Tailored Optimisation Configuration provides an insight into what gets flagged (Materiality, Dimensions).
  • The AI used in this process means the feature becomes more intuitive the more it is used. This is an integral feature with Sage Intacct, not an add-on, making it available for use out-of-the-box.

Enhanced Bank Feed Matching Rules

This update provides increased flexibility for matching bank transactions to Intacct transactions. Key features include:

  • Expanded criteria operators for text and day comparison
  • Extended transaction grouping options for flexible grouping based on document numbers and posting periods
  • Rule Orders can be applied within a rule set – the user can define rule sets to one bank account or all, or selected accounts. Rules can be amended and adjusted as you go.

Canada Check (Cheque) Printing Enhancements

It is now possible to order pre-printed Canadian check stock. This out-of-the-box feature is particularly useful for multi-national companies. Checks are still popular in Northern America. For more information, speak to one of our experts.

Tax Set-Up

Canadian tax set-up has been added for PST, QST, GST and HST. This now includes:

  • Automatic Tax Determination in order entry and purchasing
  • Automatic Tax Capture & Calculation based on selected tax rate for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Time & Expenses, General Ledger
  • Tax Information Centralisation – centralised flexible reporting across modules, and tax filing outside of Sage Intacct

Updates for UK, Australian and South African set-ups:

  • UK – Hospitality reduced tax rate now available also includes changes for Maps, Schedule, ITG and tax detail
  • AUS – CTG Row Customer and associated Schedule Maps obsoleted / added new CTG Australian Export Customers with Maps for all ITG to map to G2 Exports
  • ZA – Added additional schedule Maps to support additional use cases / added new CTG ‘No VAT Supplier’ and associated Maps and Schedules

Additional tax updates include:

  • Automation of transaction updates when Tax ID is changed in the entity
  • Improved flexibility for PO/OE transaction definitions for tax reporting
  • Enhanced transaction management for PO/OE including ability to manually override tax in OE
  • Enhanced control of tax detail filtering – when turned off, removes filtering across the board allowing you to see all tax details in Sales or Purchase side

In order to apply these updates, you will need to opt in manually. To do this, go to ‘Tax Solution Information’ and tick the ‘Install updates’ box under ‘Tax setup updates’.

Deep cross-industry functionality

Enhanced Contracts Billing & Reporting

Sage is making ongoing investment into subscription-based business practices to provide increased flexibility within the Sage Intacct software. Here is a run-down of key feature additions for R3:

  • Committed Quantity Consumption Billing – this will streamline businesses based on customers’ consumption of contracted quantities. Find additional options for this within the contract.
  • Flexible Invoice Generation – Sage Intacct now provides more options including billable charges by customers’ bill-to contract, customer or project.
  • Interactive Custom Report Writer Pre-Built Reports – related to contract data sets, this gives greater insight and it is easy to amend them to make them more relevant to your business and requirements.
  • Vendor Remittance Email Notifications – there are two new tick box options in AP configuration; ‘Don’t include payment copy in PDF in payment notification email’ and ‘Include payment details in payment notification email’. These options give you the option to have all payment information within the email body itself rather than as a PDF attachment.

Inventory in Transit Warehouse Transfer

The 2021 R3 update provides users with clearer transfer in and transfer out with a new transfer in type. In order to use this:

  • On ‘Transfer out’, remove ‘on hand’ at ‘from warehouse’
  • On ‘Transfer in’, move from ‘in transit’ to ‘on hand’ at ‘to warehouse’

Best-in-class cloud platform

Dashboard enhancements

With the latest update, Sage Intacct introduces an incredibly customisable dashboard for convenient navigation and access. Any component can be added to the dashboard, with new dashboard types allowing the addition of:

  • Billboards – here you can add messages for your team
  • Attachments – make it easier to access important documents, e.g. new policies
  • Custom navigation – fast access links for greater ease-of-use

Financial report writer enhancements

Driven by customer ideas, this update provides further improvements on user experience. Within this update is:

  • A new divider column type – allowing the user to group certain columns together. The update also brings a
  • New forecast – full period column type
  • Expanded ‘normalised’ column types
    Note: new columns use default books (set in GL configuration)

Secure PDF document generation

This new addition to the software allows the user to designate templates as ‘Secure PDF’ within Printed Document Template Information. This means when a PDF is generated, it is locked down.

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