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Read the preview for Sage Intacct 2022 Release 1

Sage Intacct R1 2024: Acuity’s Top Highlights!

Sage Intacct’s first release of the year is here! 

The automatic update hit’s your screens on February 16th 2024, with even more new features and updates to make the most of!  

NOTE: Some permissions have been added and changed to support the new features. New Permissions are automatically “OFF” by default and will need switching “ON” by you to use the features. New Permissions include: Contracts – Separate Cancel and UN-cancel Permissions and Order Entry – Allow the user to reverse conversion.

You may have seen the announcement on your Sage Intacct homepage, these are our top highlights! 

1.     Locked out? Securely recover your access without the need of support.

Initiate recovery directly with no need to reach out to support when you are locked out of Intacct, meaning you can securely reclaim your account in minutes. 

Account alerts and recovery options are sent directly to your registered email address. 

To setup for users: 

These instructions assume you have answered the Password security question on your My preferences page. 

Your administrator cannot view or change your security question and answer. 

  • If you forget your password, or become locked out from Intacct, go to the sign in page of Intacct and select Forgot password?
    An email with the reset password link is also sent to your account email address.

  • The Verify your information page opens. Enter your Company ID and User ID and select Continue. 
  • If the correct information for your account is entered, you will receive an email with the next steps to recover your account. 

For administrators: 

Review your company security policies, and then set the maximum number of times the incorrect information can be entered in a password reset attempt. 

  • Go to Company > Setup tab > Configuration > Company > Security tab, then select Edit. 
  • In Login settings, in the Password section, set the Maximum number of verification attempts for a password reset. 


This is the maximum number of times the incorrect information can be entered in a password reset attempt. When the limit is reached, Intacct locks the account for 24 hours. 

  • Save your changes. 

2.    Submitters can stay up to date by receiving approval notifications. 

Want to know if your invoice has been approved or declined? As a submitted you can now receive notifications via email  

To configure go to: 

  • Accounts Payable configuration 
  • Select Enable Notifications 

To make this update you will require business user access. 

3.    Improve controls with restrictions on reversing AP & AR Invoices 

This feature will no longer allow users that are restricted by location or department to be able to reverse an invoice allocated to that location or department. 

To disable this feature, you will need to update the permissions in:  

  • Company/Users/Permissions 
  • Select – Reverse AP/AR Invoices 

4.    Improved Reports for Bank and Credit Card reconciliation, and version control.     

Bank and Credit Card reconciliation 

Following the release of matching sequences functionality has been included in the R1 release to enable the generation of a custom report to see which Sage Intacct transactions matched to which bank transactions. 

Version history for financial reports  

Is your current report submitting different results to normal? Has it been unexpectedly updated? 

If an existing financial report is generating unexpected results, it could be because the reports settings have been changed. If so, the report’s history can help you get it working again. You can see if a previous version of the report still works, and compare it to the current version to see what’s different. Alternatively, you can restore that previous working version. 


See the version history When editing a report in the Financial Report Writer, select More actions > View version history. 

5.    Improve your General Ledger revaluation reports with a new summary format.

You can now run your General Ledger revaluation report in summary format and group your data by account, location, and transaction currency. This makes for clear GL report that are easy to scan. 

The General Ledger revaluation report now includes an option to show a concise summary of foreign currency transactions. The summary version of the report makes it easier to review the foreign currency accounts you need to revalue. 

The summarised report lists foreign currency transactions by account number listed in numerical order, then location and transaction currency. 

How it works: 

  1. Go to General Ledger > All > Reports > General Ledger revaluation. 
  2. On the General Ledger revaluation report page, scroll down to Format.
  3.  For Show transaction presentation, select Summary. 

6.     Improved usability limits the contacts available when entering Invoice and Ship to contacts during data entry.  

Gain more control by limiting the list of selectable contacts to those that are associated for an AP or AR transaction. 

With this new configuration setting you can select which contacts are available for selection. 

Options include: 

After you change your configuration to restrict contacts, this restriction is enforced for both creating new and editing existing transactions. This means that if you edit an older transaction that includes a contact that does not meet the current restriction criteria, you cannot save your edits until you update the contact. 

7.    Determine how bank feed transactions are dated. 

After completing testing in the early adopter phase, now all users will have access to the Bank transaction dating. 

You can now set the time zone or the company time zone on the bank account, this will determine time stamps for both created transactions and bank feed transactions helping to increase matches and speed up reconciliation. 

To configure: 

  • Go to Cash Management > Setup > Accounts, select the appropriate account and select Edit. 
  • Find the option for Banking cloud time zone and select a time zone. 
  • Select Save. 

8.     Reduce navigation steps and download import templates directly from the import page. 

Users will no longer need to navigate to the company > import data page to access a new template. This release allows you to directly download import templates from the import page for the following types: 

  • All types of journal entries, including adjustments, entries for user-defined journals, and statistical entries 
  • Account groups 
  • Account group members 
  • Reporting accounts 
  • Account allocation definitions 
  • Account allocation groups 
  • Budgets 

9. More list enhancements – Try the suppliers list!    

More enhancements have been added to the lists beta interface. Turn on your interface to personalise your views, leverage filters, manage list and records side by side. 

  • Add, move, and resize columns 
  • Freeze columns on the screen to preserve the view when scrolling 
  • Sort columns by the data that means the most to you 
  • Save your customised views for future use 

Each time you open a saved view, it displays all data that matches the filtering, sorting, and display options specific to the view. 

Try it on the Suppliers list 

  • Go to Accounts Payable > All tab > Suppliers. 
  • Select Turn on Lists beta interface. 

The page refreshes to display the enhanced list. 

10. Contract cancellation enhancements.  

The following improvements to cancellation behaviour have been included in this release: 

  • You can now uncancel contract lines that use quantity-based revenue recognition. 
  • You can now post open revenue and billing after the cancellation date. 

Uncancel quantity-based revenue recognition contract lines 

Previously, cancellations to quantity-based revenue recognition contract lines were permanent. Now, you can uncancel the contract line, resolve any data issues, and then cancel the contract line again. 

The uncancel process unwinds the system-created journal entries that resulted from the cancellation. Sage Intacct does the following: 

  • Deletes all journal entries that were automatically created as a result of the cancellation. 
  • Sets the State of the applicable revenue, billing, and expense schedules back to “In progress”. 
  • Sets the contract line State back to “In progress”. 

Relaxed posting date validations for open revenue and billing 

Previously after you cancelled a contract line, you could not invoice open billing or post revenue recognition using a posting date that was after the cancellation date. 

Now, if the contract line has open billing or revenue, Intacct will no longer block invoice or revenue posting after the cancellation date. 

Note the following expected behavior: 

  • Intacct still validates whether the posting date is in a closed period. 
  • When you cancel the contract line, Intacct still reschedules open revenue to one day before the cancellation date. 

NOTE: The best practice is to post remaining open revenue and billing before you cancel the contract. 

11. Time and Expenses  New Permissions for employee bank details and enhancements to bank file payments. 

When using bank file payments to pay employee expenses, you can now assign permissions as appropriate to unmask an employee’s bank details. 

How it works: 

  • Assign the new Unmask bank details permission. This unmasks an employee’s creditor account number in the employee record, custom reports, and audit trail. 

This permission is unassigned by default. It’s a required permission to add and update employees that are enabled for bank file payments. 

12. Help and Training. 

Sage regularly update and enhance the training and help resources available to you.  

The following table lists new and enhanced help content for existing features and functionality. 

New content   
How users, roles, and permissions work together  Overview of how these features work together with links to in-depth content. 
Create a spreadsheet for importing budget data  Instructions to quickly create a custom spreadsheet for importing your budget data. 
New videos in the Video Library  New videos to help you easily complete your tasks: 

Enhanced content 
Void payments in Accounts Payable  Centralized content with more robust information, including expanded troubleshooting. 
Import General Ledger journal entries  Examples of journal entry line items in import templates, and centralization of training and help videos. 
Import a budget  Improved clarity and organization, and added details about best practices for creating an import spreadsheet. 

Coming Soon!  

Sage also have some exciting new features currently in their Early Adoption and Beta phases. 

List Enhancements 

List enhancements remain in beta phase and can be turned on if you require. 

Turn on the Lists beta interface to personalise your list views, leverage advanced filters, manage list and record details side-by-side, and much more 

Accounts Payable Invoice Automation 

This remains in the early adoption phase and we hope to have more updates on this for you soon. This has been extended to include AP Automation GL Coding 

No more spoilers! 

The above are a few of our favourite changes in the latest release. More details can be found on all of these plus more when you login to your Sage Intacct homepage. Alternatively, you can find further information by joining us at our Learning lab on 29th February @12pm, Register by clicking here. 

Or click here To read more about Release 4 2024. 

Should you want to discuss or implement any of the changes or have any question we are here to help! Please feel free to send us a message at call us on 01932 237110 


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