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Support for your Sage solution…

…from a company that knows how!

Whether you are looking at buying Sage or you already have it, the most important thing to consider is which Sage Partner to work with.

Not working with the right Sage support partner can be more of a problem than the problems you wanted them to solve. Knowing that you have the support of a certified, knowledgeable and reliable Sage Support partner is key to having a successful and productive Sage experience.

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Why Acuity?

Acuity has been around for almost 30 years. During that time, we have been completely dedicated to providing Sage solutions (Sage X3, Sage Intacct, Sage 200) to all our customers, helping resolve their business challenges and contributing to their success.

In addition to many new Sage implementations, we have successfully adopted many existing Sage companies looking for new support – helping them make the most of their existing investment, building out their solution and supporting their growth.

We believe that your project does not stop with the implementation. As your business grows and goes through change, you need your software to evolve too, so you need a partner that can be your trusted advisor and rely on to help your transformation.

But who should you trust to look after your business and your software?


Honesty is our core value

Whether you are considering Sage for the first time or thinking about changing, working with someone you trust is crucial. You want to know that the partner is open and honest from the very beginning. Let’s start now!

We are not like other partners, you’re likely to hear many Sage partners say they:

  • Are the biggest UK partner
  • Have the most supported customers
  • Are Sage Award-winning
  • Have the biggest team of consultants, etc…

It’s a fact that we can’t all be the biggest, have the most customers, win awards or have the biggest team. Acuity ‘isn’t’ all the above but what we are is:

‘Big enough to be able to look after your business, and small enough that we still care!’

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What you'll hear time and time again

You’ll probably also hear how they stand-out because they:

  • Provide proactive, prompt support
  • Have a professional team
  • Have a knowledgeable Sage team
  • Help your business grow
  • Increase efficiency, etc…

Well, we all do this. Including Acuity!

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Why we are different

What makes Acuity different? We:

  • Provide fixed-price implementations on all projects (the only partner in the UK to offer this)
  • Specialise in complex international implementations
  • Offer unlimited free training for new and existing users
  • Genuinely have a great Sage team!

We would be delighted if you wanted to have a chat with us and maybe give our services and support a go (no obligation). We understand your time is precious and we will guarantee a speedy and thorough onboarding experience if you choose us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Acuity.

What you get when working with Acuity

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Qualified Support

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Tailored Support Packages

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