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Sage X3 add-ons created by Acuity

It’s clear to see that the functionality in Sage X3 is powerful and innovative.

Why did we create extensions, you ask? It’s simple, really.

We didn’t create these apps to replace existing functionality, we built them to enhance your experience of Sage X3 and get the most from your core solution.

We have created solutions as part of our Acuity Add-Ons range to support and strengthen particular workflow processes within Sage X3, including Approvals, Expenses and Exchange rates – read more below.

Want to add functionality to Sage X3?

If you are looking to enhance the functionality of Sage X3, and interested in learning more about the Acuity add-ons - get in touch.

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Acuity’s Sage X3 Add-ons

Sage X3 Approval Portal is designed to allow users to carry out all of their workflow approval signatures, on any device, without the need to ever log in to Sage.

Key Features:

  • Takes advantage of standard Sage X3 workflow functionality
  • Provides all required information for approvers to make informed decisions in clear and simple screens
  • EDM documents visible against transactions
  • Approve direct from mobile devices or tablets
  • Portal users do not add to your Sage user count
  • Includes optional bulk approval or rejection

Read more by downloading the datasheet.

Acuity has built upon the standard Sage X3 expenses module and made it into a module that provides the core functionality for any businesses managing expenses in their business.

Key Features:

  • Built Standard Sage X3 with new claim header and automatic postings to other modules
  • Populate all dimensions on entry for projects, cost centres etc
  • Create single claim workflow for multiple approval routes
  • Links to Acuity Approval Portal for simple online approvals
  • Able to be run on mobile devices
  • Attach receipts to claim lines, even from mobile devices

Sage X3 Automatic Exchange Rates allows for the system to automatically update the currency exchange rates from a trusted source without any manual effort required from users.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use and fully automated with Sage X3
  • Manages multiple currencies and different rate types automatically
  • Standard connection to rates based on more than 15 leading data sources including banks and other financial data providers
  • Includes exchange rate data for 170 world currencies, including Bitcoin
  • Can also be linked to other exchange rate sources on request