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Sage X3 – built for your industry

Sage X3 is a true ERP solution. It was developed to manage your entire business and support your specific needs.

Other business management or production management solutions rely heavily on add-ons and integrations to support industry-specific processes, Sage X3 is ready for most distribution, manufacturing, and service industries.


Sage X3 for Distribution

Sage X3 for Distribution

Sage X3 is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that empowers distribution business to manage their entire business through one solution.

It provides the visibility and control you need to operate your business on a global scale, and enables better decisions with real-time data, and supports streamlining to increase both productivity and efficiency.

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Sage for Manufacturing

Sage X3 for Manufacturing

Sage X3 supports your discrete or process manufacturing business by enhancing inventory management, evaluating product line profitability, better handling production costs, and making operations easier, allowing your business to operate more efficiently – and profitably.

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Sage X3 for Professional Services

Professional Services that use Sage X3 are able to streamline their service operations, control their projects and keep up to date with productivity and profitability.

They are able to track operations, sales and financial elements of their customers’ projects and bill accurately. Streamlined workflows and improved real-time reporting enables teams to focus on the providing good service without worrying about the administration.

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Sage x3 for Food & beverage businesses

Sage X3 for Food & Beverage

Sage X3 designed for the food & beverage industry has built-in industry specific capabilities such as recipe management, quality control, regulatory compliance and lot tracking.

Sage X3 helps food & beverage companies to streamline their entire operation enabling better business decisions that have an impact on growth. As your business grows, Sage X3 adapts to help you meet new requirements without increasing overheads.

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