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Coming to a screen near you this November!

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Sage Intacct 2021 R4 – the next level.

The Trailer:

In the world of financial management, life as a Sage Intacct user was pretty darn good.

Sage Intacct’s advanced functionality provides the deep accounting and reporting capabilities that users needed to fast-track business success. Life was good!

Then, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better you wake up one cold, damp day in November 2021 to find something incredible has happened! Something amazing that turns your world upside down! Something that could provide unimaginable improvements which help make your role even more productive and efficient!

Sage releases a new update – Sage Intacct 2021 R4!

Automatically coming to your screens from November 12th, 2021, Sage Intacct will be packed with new features and updates that deliver more progress and improvements across the three product pillars:

  • Best-in-class financials
  • Deep cross-industry functionality
  • Best-in-class cloud platform

Sit back and take in the next level of financial management with this latest release. You’ll be taken to a world of endless possibilities with improvements and new features that could take your business beyond your wildest dreams.

“If you build it, they will come!”

This is what you can expect in the latest instalment of Sage Intacct:

Financial Report Writer Improvements

Eliminate steps from the process by scheduling reports on GL close.

You can now schedule financial reports to send at the point of period close by selecting the recurrence ‘Following General Ledger Close’.


This means as soon as your close happens it will automatically send out your scheduled reports saving you an extra step and getting data to those that need it quickly!  You can schedule reports from the top level or entity level depending on your requirements.

You could also set this to send yourself a copy of the monthly report pack in excel format, giving you an early insight and a chance to review before distributing to others.


Understand your computations

Until now computations were simply referred to as computation 1, computation 2, etc. making them difficult to identify.

R4 makes them easier to work with by giving them a name and description. Meaningful names leave a trail for anyone that comes behind you to understand and work with these computations.

Improve efficiencies in managing AP and AR processes

Quickly validate GL posting details The GL posting details tab in transaction pages gives insight in to how the transaction is posted to the GL without running the GL report.

This is now included on even more transaction pages. You can find it on AR Sales invoices, Customer advances and posted payments.

View AP purchase invoice attachments with fewer clicks – tired of opening AP purchase invoices one by one, just to view attachments? Now, you can save time and clicks by opening AP purchase invoice attachments directly from the AP purchase invoices list.

Look out for the “paperclip” icon at the end of the row.

Customise your Approve payments list – Increase your efficiency by customizing the Approve Payments list to match the way you work!

Approve Payments now has the same list management options that are available on the AP purchase invoices list and AP Adjustments pages.

Improvements to AR Customer advances – Along with changes to permissions and the user interface, are a number of new features.

  • Enter a payment memo in the new Payment memo field to save information for future reference.
  • Add attachments to advance payments.
  • Edit advances that haven’t been applied to AR sales invoices.
  • Apply an advance directly from the Advances list.
  • Use custom view options for the Advances list.

Tax Improvements

Reverse charge support is now available for the UK

Previously, you could only process a reverse charge by creating a negative AP purchase invoice as an Accounts Payable adjustment.

R4 allows you to input a negative charge as part of a line item in an Accounts Payable adjustment transaction.

The auto apply credit function applies the negative tax side of reverse charges as a credit to the tax line rather that the line amount.

With this new process, you can easily update adjustments and associated payments to process reverse charges for your entities based in the United Kingdom.

Edit transactions after tax submission

The restrictions have been relaxed allowing you to edit non-accounting fields in Order Entry and Purchasing after those transactions have been included in a tax submission.

Budget Updates

Name Change Alert! Budget information is now called the ‘Budgets Repository’ and Budgets have moved from the General Ledger to their own menu!

The Budgets menu holds the budgets repository, imports and budget reports plus fast access to related reports.

“Where we are going we don’t need roads!”

The Saga continues – even more coming soon!

A number of list enhancements will be available to try on your Vendors lists shortly after the R4 release.

  • Use simple filtering from any column or use more advanced filtering that works across columns.
  • Easily personalise your list views by adding columns, rearranging and resizing them, wrapping text and freezing columns in your view.
  • Save your view for future use.
  • Leverage list and detail combined views for efficiently working and navigating lists.

No more spoilers!

The above are the most significant changes of note in this latest release, more detail can be read when you login to your Sage Intacct. There are a bunch of other updates too which are also available when you login to your Sage Intacct system.  Alternatively, click here

Should you want to discuss any of the changes please feel free to send us a message on  and we will get back to you.

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