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Be future-ready

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Stay ahead of the curve post-COVID

Be future-ready with Acuity and Sage

As a leading UK Sage Partner, we like to keep up to date with all the latest industry news. This week, an article from Industrial News, titled What we should learn from the COVID-19 digital transformation caught our attention.

The article discusses the predicted three-to-ten-year jump we have seen in digital and technological adoption during the pandemic.

Many businesses have invested in various software solutions, including Cloud Accounting Software like Sage, in order to keep their businesses operating and their team members collaborating effectively while working from home.

Additionally, in late 2020, The Manufacturer surveyed manufacturing professionals in relation to their digital transformation. The resulting report, commissioned by IBM, brought up some interesting data.

Here are some key points we found interesting:

  • The importance of adopting digitalisation within manufacturing businesses has led to 67% of those surveyed accelerating digital projects within their companies during the pandemic.
  • Priorities of leaders has also shifted – 92% of participants ranked operational resilience as their greatest priority post-COVID.
  • Followed closely by wellbeing and work environment; supply chain integrity and resilience; supply chain visibility and improving operational efficiency.

Industrial News puts the digital transformation during the pandemic down to businesses accepting and adopting a software-first approach, and a future-first mindset.

At Acuity, Sage software is our business, and setting our customers up with a future-ready and flexible solution is what we strive for.

Ultimately, the one thing we know as well as ourselves is our customers. The affect COVID has had on them and their businesses, as well as how we work with them both now and in the future is top priority for us.

We don’t believe in future-proofing – it is impossible to predict what might come next – so instead, we aim to help our customers and their businesses become future-ready.

How will we ensure our customers are future-ready and geared up for growth with the help of Sage software?

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

             … but it would have been a lot quicker with Sage!

According to The Manufacturer’s report, the number one barrier holding businesses back from adopting and improving digitalisation is time.

But ask yourself this: is your current system really working for you? Is it geared up to allow you to grow and prosper as a business? Or is it holding you back?

If it is the latter, get in touch with us. We can help you through the initial implementation process and reap the rewards for years to come.

Cloud-based systems like Sage can be managed for you by one of our in-house specialists.

No server maintenance, no downtime if something goes wrong, and updates are all automated!

Our team can make sure you are set up with the solution that will work best for you and your business now, while ensuring it also has the flexibility and room for growth in the future, regardless of the challenges that come next.

All in all, this frees you up to focus on growing your business, bringing in new clients and growing turnover!

Still not convinced? Our customers using Sage Intacct have seen an average ROI of 250% and payback in less than 6 months!

Make time for things that matter

How about we drill down a little further into what contributes to operational efficiency and how that can affect your team’s wellbeing?

When coming onboard, a lot of our customers mention that operational inefficiencies they experience often lie with manual processes and how their team members are able to allocate their time. This leaves them stuck, wasting time with clumsy processes.

We commonly find that many of our customers were switching between multiple software systems or using paper-based systems in conjunction with spreadsheet after spreadsheet to manage everything from their finances, to supply chains and projects.

Without even realising it, they are contributing to the operational inefficiencies within their own businesses.

While we can’t build you a swanky new office to accommodate the wellbeing of your team, we can introduce Sage to digitalise and automate dozens of processes.

With Sage solutions you can put your business’s financial leaders in a position to prepare for and facilitate growth.

There is no need to waste time using a different system dashboard for each department of your company, integrate them all with Sage Intacct and do everything in one place.

As a result, we can help your team members free up precious time that they can instead spend focussing on other areas of their work, get things done faster and generally increase productivity across the board, hopefully reducing stress in the process.

Keep it simple!

What about the supply chain? We know that you have less control over how your partners and suppliers run their own businesses, but we can help you with improving your supply chain and stock visibility.

With so many stakeholders to juggle and keep track of, traditional systems just do not cut it for most businesses.

The unpredictability of suppliers and the need to balance inventory, forecasting and logistics, alongside other departments in your business can be a struggle.

Throw Brexit and, more recently, COVID-19 into the mix and you have a whole new battle to face.

This is why it is important to have all of your data in one place and easy to reach.

Thanks to the Cloud and SaaS business models, technology has become flexible and scalable. Our Sage solutions can be built around the needs of your modern business.

Get real-time reporting and updates from your desktop, tablet or phone and access them anytime, anywhere with Cloud based solutions.

stock warehouse

Integrate your existing systems and software solutions with Sage to keep everything in one place.

Dashboards and reports deliver instant visibility and eliminate the need for excel-based reports while deep vertical focus and automation of key industry processes eliminate the need for manual tracking.

Access to modern, dimensional account structure which streamlines both the chart of accounts and reporting, and multiple entities share the chart of accounts, customers, and suppliers.

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