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Stop, take stock and listen – Acuity’s back with a brand-new addition

Introducing Stock Plus from Eureka for Sage 200 – could this be the perfect fit for your wholesale/retail business?

We have teamed up with Eureka Addons to highlight how Stock Plus can enhance to stock experience of Sage 200 users.

But how do you know if you need to add Stock Plus to your Sage 200, here are some common issues.

Are you faced with challenges when managing stock? 

No matter the size of your business, with insufficient software, managing stock can be a challenge to say the least. An oversight in how you track and order parts can lead to wasted time and money, late orders, higher recall rates, a damaged reputation, and unhappy customers.

Stock Plus is a multi-dimension stock matrix that is fully integrated with standard Sage 200 Stock Control, making it the perfect replacement for the discontinued Wholesale and Retail module.

It enhances the standard stock system by giving additional power and functionality, with richer information and improved stock management features such as stock replenishment and location transfers – making it particularly beneficial to wholesale and retail businesses.

Do you find that you waste valuable time re-ordering stock for each of your locations? 

Companies use stock control to maintain an appropriate level of materials on hand to meet customer demand.

Maintaining a balance of stock items at all your stores can be difficult and timely.

If stock replenishment isn’t done effectively and kept on top of, and materials/items run out of stock, its likely to result in a loss of sales and cause damage to your business’s reputation.

Stock Plus ensures this doesn’t happen with automated stock replenishment based on pre-determined minimum and maximum stock levels, making maintaining stock-levels at multiple locations easy.

Picking lists and delivery notes can be printed for transfers and goods transferred to the stores via a transit location, making your life a lot easier and guaranteeing an appropriate level of stock in all situations.

Do you need to configure item variants, but your current software can’t?

The standard stock function within Sage 200 is completely viable for most companies. Although, for retail and wholesale companies that provide different variants of each stock item (e.g. different colours/sizes/materials), the standard capabilities aren’t sufficient, and it can be a mammoth task to add all the different variants of each product in.

Stock Plus allows for rapid stock item creation. It makes it easy for you to create stock items, allowing you to efficiently manage any products that are available in multiple materials, colours and sizes. This makes your job easier and speedier, improving business productivity.

Other benefits of Stock Plus include:

  • Encourages cross and upselling with price promotions – Create promotional offers such as buy one get one free that can be date restricted and are automatically applied during sales order entry to encourage cross and upselling, optimising sales.
  • Makes it easy to utilise barcodes – Within the barcode feature you can automatically generate unique barcodes that are assigned to each stock item and print barcodes.
  • Ability to transfer multiple items – Simplify and track stock movements.
  • Increases productivity – Reduce time spent updating new stock items and creating multi-dimensional stock matrix.
  • Increases customer satisfaction – Stock Plus allows you to provide customers with more accurate information on stock levels and deliveries.
  • Integration with Sage POS – Keep front and back office data synchronized.

When purchasing Stock Plus you also gain access to Eureka’s popular ‘Plus Pack for Sage 200’ at no additional cost, giving you access to over 80 further Add-ons to enhance all aspects of your solution.

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