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What is traceability?

Traceability pretty much does what it says on the tin.

Within a food and beverage business, traceability is the ability to trace all processes, from procurement of raw materials to production, consumption, and disposal.

Essentially, traceability serves to answer these questions:

  • When was the product produced?
  • Where was the product produced?
  • And who was the product produced by?

Where a company has comprehensive food traceability systems in place (like in a manufacturing business), they can also establish where the raw materials came from, identify specific batches of product produced, where the other products from that batch ended up, and much more.

This information is incredibly important; it is necessary to have traceability to keep consumers safe as well as…

  • Reduce risk
  • Protect revenue
  • Add brand value
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve sustainability


Food traceability systems include demand planning, orders & forecast; supply chain management; purchasing, vendor management & sub contracting; production management, QC & project management; warehouse, inventory management & transportation; marketing & sales; and customer service

Why does traceability matter?

In recent times, food safety issues and various food scandals have highlighted the importance of traceability. Therefore, having food traceability systems in place allows trust to develop between the consumer and the supplier (food and beverage business).

Internationally, consumers, suppliers, buyers, and governments across all industries are becoming more demanding of information on the origins of products. Regulatory restrictions mean lack of traceability within a business could be detrimental should something go wrong.

Producers also need the ability to track and trace throughout their entire supply chain as raw materials turn into finished products. If these raw materials are contaminated, the end products are also contaminated and cannot be used.

Furthermore, as a business grows, the employees’ workload grows with it. Without food traceability systems that can help them deal with the workload and do their jobs accurately and efficiently, a business will experience some serious productivity issues.

How can you improve traceability in your business?

If your food and beverage business is struggling with transparency, or your traceability practices aren’t quite up to scratch, it is time to consider your options in terms of food traceability solutions.

The best way to manage your supply chain end-to-end is to implement an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution within your business.

What is ERP?

Learn more about ERP systems in our dedicated blog post.

What would an ERP system do for your business?

There are countless benefits to implementing an ERP system within your business to manage and monitor your supply chain and improve traceability.

In addition to those we have already discussed, an ERP system can provide:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Purchase planning, ordering, and requests
  • Purchase orders, delivery, and scheduling
  • Multi-location management
  • Quality control of stock and sampling
  • Quick and easy replenishment of stock in multiple sites
  • The ability to make faster, better-informed decisions
  • Processes and workflows tailored to your business
  • Increased insight with Business Intelligence real-time reporting

How can ERP food traceability systems improve your supply chain?

The improved traceability provided by ERP systems also provides your business with the ability to identify supply chain threats, risks, and vulnerabilities; the ability to develop mitigation plans and make necessary changes, easily and efficiently; and communicate with the right stakeholders across the supply chain from one place.

Which ERP system is right for your business?

We think Sage software is the best thing since sliced bread and we offer Sage’s best ERP and supply chain management solutions, Sage X3 and Sage 200.

What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 is the best solution for medium-to-large businesses and manufacturers within the food and beverage industry.

Sage X3 allows you to streamline compliance practices, proactively monitor your supply chain, take full control of your production processes, and manage formulas and recipes, all in one place!

Sage X3 also provides access to the most up-to-date data for people in all departments, at all times, allowing you and your team to accurately forecast supply and demand, ensure quality management, and more for improved efficiencies and faster growth.

What is Sage 200?

Sage 200 has been developed specifically for small-to-medium businesses, providing a flexible ERP solution that provides you with full control and visibility of your entire business.

Sage 200 is designed to support and accelerate growth within your business, allowing you to track financials, build a collaborative and efficient business, connect all departments, and share data with specific people safely and securely with permission-based users.

Sage 200 is the perfect option for food and beverage businesses that need an ERP solution to manage all aspects of their business, but don’t require as much functionality as a food and beverage manufacturer.

If you’re still unsure of which option is best for you, take a look at our infographic on the right for a basic breakdown of the solutions.

How do you implement your chosen solution?

We’ll be honest with you, implementing an ERP solution can be hard work and very stressful… if you don’t have the right implementation partner!

Choosing the right ERP implementation partner is just as important as having that traceability in place.

That might sound like an exaggeration, but a poorly executed implementation project could mean your processes become more complex, making traceability within your business near impossible.

What should you look for in an ERP implementation partner?

A good partner will work with you and your team to establish what you need, what you want and then tailor the solution to work for your business. Your food and beverage ERP solution should be as unique as your business.

So where do you find an ERP partner that will put the time and effort into your project that it deserves?

You’re in the right place!

We are Acuity Solutions

Acuity Solutions has a growing team of specialists who work hard to help organisations overcome their business and traceability challenges through the recommendation and implementation of Sage software.

Acuity has been in business for more than 30 years, and our team are experts in what they do.

But why choose us? Well…

  • Our strategic relationship with Sage
  • We are one of few UK partners with international capabilities (we have an office in South Africa, as well as London and South Wales)
  • We are the only UK partner to offer fixed price implementation as standard – no hidden costs
  • We offer unlimited training for new and existing users – FREE

Would you like a demo of Sage X3?

Interested in seeing what Sage X3 can do for your business? Get in touch to arrange a demo.

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