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The CFO of today encompasses a diversified skill set, taking a more holistic approach to the role with a reliance on data to support the strategic priorities across the entire organisation. This post highlights the results of “The Redefined CFO” study of almost 2,000 CFOs from various industries and how their roles have changed…  


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What's Changed for CFOs?

Over time, the role of a CFO has evolved from holding the purse-strings and reporting on historical financial information to adding value through the use of data analysis, insights and forecasting.  

Today’s CFO is more of a strategic partner, who helps drive growth, shape corporate strategy – like a central hub of business information. The Chief “Finance” Officer has now also become the Chief Facilitative, Fairness and Focus Officer, supporting the CEO and wider organisation in achieving their goals. 

Leading cloud financial management solution, Sage Intacct is helping CFOs adapt to their evolving responsibilities – read on to discover how: 

the redefined cfo - facilitative

The Chief Facilitative Officer

Today’s CFO embraces a multifaceted role that goes beyond numbers. As businesses become more complex and interconnected, CFOs must facilitate collaboration across departments including HR, Sales, Marketing and Finance, Acting as strategic partners, the CFO leverages data-driven insights to enable informed decision-making and empowers the team with the right tools and resources. 

The modern, redefined CFO drives organisational agility and ensures the smooth execution of financial strategies, ultimately contributing to the overall success and growth of the company. 

Sage Intacct’s advanced features support the Chief Facilitative Officer thanks to Open API connectivity for system integrations and real-time data insights on-the-go. 

What is Cloud Accounting?

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The Chief Fairness Officer

Beyond financial stewardship, today’s CFO takes on the additional role of the Chief Fairness Officer, promoting fairness and equality within their organisations.  

They play a critical role in ensuring transparency and accountability in financial practices, implementing ethical standards while advocating for diversity and inclusion. 

The CFO creates a culture of trust by championing fairness in decision-making and resource allocation, helping foster a positive work environment and to attract talented new recruits. 

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The Chief Future Officer

Tasked with charting a course for the organisation’s long-term success, the CFO adopts the Chief Future Officer responsibilities. 

Utilising advanced financial analytics and scenario planning to forecast potential challenges and opportunities, the modern CFO actively participates in strategic discussions and decision-making, evaluating the financial implications of various initiatives and investments, aligning financial strategies with the business vision. 

Sage Intacct enables the CFO to embrace technology and delivers on-demand, real-time insights plus advanced scenario modelling for accurate forecasting. 

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