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CherryDuck Studios are a London film, photography and TV studio company who chose Acuity as their Sage partner when seeking a more efficient way to manage their accounting. This article shares their story and the results they achieved through implementing Sage Intacct with us… 


The Background

CherryDuck were running a busy, successful video production business in London with their creative expertise in growing demand. As their business began to grow, it became clear that continuing to manage and track invoices manually would no longer suffice!

Making decisions and planning was a challenge, with time-consuming manual processes and limited visibility into their overall financial picture and performance.

CherryDuck set their intention to find a financial management solution that would simplify their accounting processes and deliver better insights into their data.

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The Challenge

Like many small businesses, CherryDuck had been managing their accounting processes manually, keeping track of transactions and invoices using notebooks and spreadsheets. However, as the volume and complexity of transactions increased, it was becoming tricky to manage in terms of both time and the level of visibility into financial data.

With day-to-day operations demanding the team’s focus and attention, they needed a solution to automate their accounting tasks and a centralised, user-friendly system that delivered insights into performance and data on-demand.

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CherryDuck and Acuity Solutions

Recognising the need to upgrade from manually recording and tracking invoices, CherryDuck consulted Acuity to explore leading cloud accounting solution Sage Intacct in more detail.

We worked closely with CherryDuck’s founders to understand what challenges they were facing and their future plans, then worked together building a picture of how Sage Intacct could be tailored to meet their needs.


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Why Sage Intacct?

On exploring their options, CheryDuck could see the potential benefits Sage Intacct had to offer, with features including:

  • Automatic invoice creation and revenue recognition.
  • Configurable Dashboards for instant visibility into KPIs and financial information.
  • Remote system access for on-the-go financial management.
  • Reporting by almost any dimension in just a few clicks, helping with more informed decision-making.
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Why Acuity?

Choosing the right partner is just as important as choosing the right accounting software, something CherryDuck firmly believed in.

Acuity’s 25+ years’ experience in Sage products enable us to identify and recommend the ideal Sage solution based on our customers’ unique needs, and our friendly approach allows us to work in collaboration with customers, ensuring they receive our support throughout each stage of the project.

Our services include:

  • Fixed-price Sage Intacct implementations and scoping, including milestone project billing.
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual billing options.
  • Migrations and upgrades.
  • International projects.
  • Full scope and system audits.
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The Results

For CherryDuck, the real-time insights gained via Sage Intacct’s intuitive Dashboards and Reporting added value in terms of being able to make faster, more informed decisions.

They enhanced their ability to take advantage of opportunities as they arose, and were confidently able to expand their business backed by data-driven analysis and accurate forecasting tools.

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