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Sage Webinars

Whether you are researching for new Business Software or just interested in learning more about what Sage software and Acuity offers, we look forward to welcoming you to one of our sessions.

We will be regularly presenting Sage webinars relating to Sage Intacct and Sage X3, discussing reasons why businesses and people choose Sage, how Sage supports industry and latest news/product updates. Additionally, we will also present sessions about the range of Acuity Sage Add-ons and Independent solutions that enhance and complete your Sage experience.

To register, click on the button below each section where you will register through our GotoWebinar platform. From there you will receive login notification direct to your business email address. Please ensure you register with your business email address – any registrations from non-business emails will be void.

If there is something you would like us to cover, that isn’t listed below or on our On-Demand Webinars page, please get in touch and let us know.

Acuity Learning Labs

Learning Lab – Accessing support, help and resources

THURSDAY 11 APRIL 2024, 12pm GMT

Across Acuity and Sage, there are lots of places where you can learn more about Sage Intacct, get help and give feedback.

This session will take you through accessing and making the most of these resources whether you are new to Sage Intacct or an established user.

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Acuity Learning Labs

Learning Lab – How to import your budgets

THURSDAY 02 MAY 2024, 12pm GMT

Getting ready to import a budget into Sage Intacct? Our team will take you through the steps to create a budget, populate the template and import your budget. We will also guide you through adding budgets to current reports to give you the data your leaders need.

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Acuity Learning Labs

Learning Lab – 2024 R2 Sage Intacct Release – Our Highlights

THURSDAY 23 MAY 2024, 12pm GMT

Release 2 of the year is here! Join us to see what new features and functions can help improve your use of Sage Intacct in 2024.

In this session our solutions expert will take you through the latest Intacct enhancements and how you can implement them in your own system. Get your sandbox at the ready so you can test the new features for yourself!

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Acuity Learning Labs

Learning Lab – Holiday season is here! Prepare for annual leave in Sage Intacct

THURSDAY 06 JUNE 2024, 12pm GMT

Holiday season is finally here! Before you put your Out Of Office on make sure to prepare Sage Intacct for your absence.

Are you a system admin or do you approve payments or purchase orders?

Ensure you are not a bottle neck and the business can continue to run smoothly by joining us as we go through:

  • Ensuring approvals are covered for payments, purchase orders and invoices, journals, suppliers and times & expenses.
  • Automating that report you produce every week
  • Ensuring an admin user is still available
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Acuity Learning Labs

Learning Lab – Unify fixed asset software and core accounting to streamline fixed asset management

THURSDAY 27 JUNE 2024, 12pm GMT

Following the release of Sage latest natively built module, Fixed Assets Management, this session will demonstrate automating the fixed asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal increasing control over your processes and data.

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