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Are you a Dynamics GP user in need of a new ‘pair of socks’?

There comes a time when you need to make a change.

Like your favourite pair of comfy socks, Microsoft Dynamics GP has served you well over the years and kept your business operations cosy and safe. However, as time goes by, the socks have worn down, holes appeared, and they are no longer fit for purpose.

Originally called ‘Great Plains’, GP is essentially a desktop accounting package made for small businesses.

In recent years there has been a decline in new GP releases and a lack of a long-term development roadmap. This suggests it’s unlikely to have any further updates, meaning direct support dwindles and eventually, the software will become obsolete.

Using a legacy solution to run your business comes with its own challenges – read our blog ‘5 Signs your accounting software is failing you’ to see why so many businesses have migrated to the cloud.

Where to go from here…

You may feel that your hand is being forced – either you choose between continuing to pay for an out-dated model, upgrading to an alternative Dynamics solution, or switch to something entirely new.

For GP users, now is a good time to start looking to replace your system with a new, best-in-class solution that has a long-term roadmap, will support future technologies, and grow as your business grows.

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Sage Intacct – the solution you’ve been waiting for!

There’s a good chance that your business has evolved, and your needs have changed since you first implemented Dynamics GP. You are long overdue a review but until now it has probably been ‘better the devil you know’ as a reason to put off upgrading your software.

Introducing Sage Intacct – Sage’s best-in-class financial management solution, a true cloud solution. It’s the new comfy pair of socks you’ve been waiting for, that fit and support your business perfectly, soon to become your new favourite.

So, what does Intacct do that GP doesn’t?

  1. A True Cloud Platform – But aren’t all cloud solutions the same? No! Sage Intacct was born in the cloud, meaning it is accessible anytime anywhere and automatically updates. It’s multi-tenant foundation brings strong infrastructure without the high cost or maintenance that comes with an on-premise solution.
  2. Slice and Dice Your Data – Welcome drill-down, dimensional reporting capabilities. Sage Intacct is the only mid-market cloud financial management solution with a multi-dimensional ledger. Get rid of the headache of waiting for multiple finance reports and give yourself the tools to effortlessly create your own dashboards, graphs and visualisations, so you can analyse performance by business driver, all with critical real-time data.
  3. Multi Entity and Global Consolidation – Want to reduce errors, save time, and automate internal processes? Sage Intacct’s Global Consolidations module is perfect for the business who needs currency conversions, has multiple entities, and requires local tax reporting. Key benefits include journaled consolidations, real-time reporting on customisable dashboards, faster closings, and centralised finances.
  4. Subscription Billing – Subscription, contract and recurring billing just got easier. Eliminate those manual labour-intensive calculations and save time with a system that matches the sophistication of your business whilst simultaneously driving revenue. Sage Intacct moulds to both regular and non-linear billing periods, allowing complete reporting with full visibility.
  5. Revenue Recognition – Remove the frustration and time associated with revenue management and simplify your process with Sage Intacct. Flexibly configure your expense amortisation to match or differ your revenue recognition terms and effortlessly comply with IFRS 15 regulations.
  6. Extensive Integrations – Sage Intacct has a completely open API, allowing software providers to easily create their own custom integrations. What does this mean for you? This means saying goodbye to disparate departments and hello to seamless sharing of information and initiatives. Unlike Dynamics GP, Sage Intacct does not require 3rd party software or expensive customisations to achieve the sophisticated accounting and financial management features that growing organisations need.

The option is yours!…

If you are determined to hold on to your metaphorical socks, you can continue darning the holes and dealing with discomfort for as long as Microsoft offers support, but the time will come when they will ware as thin as your patience – and need to be binned.

Rather than enduring the discomfort and waiting for the inevitable, you can bid them farewell and make the move to Sage Intacct. So what’re you waiting for? Contact us today for a free consultation or book a free product demo so see more on how Sage Intacct can future-proof your business, by clicking the button below.


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