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Upgrade to Sage X3 from Sage 50/Sage 200


If your business is currently using Sage 50 or Sage 200 and you are experiencing growth or increased challenges in reporting and data or looking for an all-in-one solution, you probably need to upgrade. But what should you upgrade to?

As a current user of Sage, whether Sage 50 or Sage 200, you will be aware of the powerful functionality that Sage has to offer. You have built your business using Sage and your team has become familiar with its functionality but frustrated by the limitations of Sage 50 or Sage 200. It has done the job it was required for and taken your business as far as it can. But now you need something bigger, what’s next?

You need a solution that is going to match your ambitions and grow as you do, adapt to change as quickly as you need and provide bags of functionality to support the whole company.

If you need ERP then Sage X3 is the move for you

Sage X3 is the fully integrated enterprise level ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution your business needs. Surprised to hear Sage works with larger businesses, don’t be.

Thousands of businesses globally are benefiting from the advanced functionality of Sage X3. You can trust, being a Sage solution, the accounting capabilities are sophisticated, accurate and reliable. But Sage X3 offers so much more than just accounting.

Sage X3 offers you more opportunity to expand the automation of processes in a single application. Moving to Sage X3 from Sage 50 or Sage 200 means you get more functionality and more capabilities that allow you to operate:

  • Discrete & Process manufacturing
  • Distribution processes
  • Services management

Moving to Sage X3... can manage processes such as:

Finance, Purchasing, Sales, Inventory, CRM, & Visual Process Flows'll be able to process data across:

Multi-language, multi-legislation, multi-site, & multi-company

...your business & people will benefit from:

User intuitive interface, Intelligent business reporting, & cloud hosting options.

Discover more about Sage X3

Click the button below to go to our Sage X3 product page to find out more about its capabilities.

Discover more about Sage X3

Stacked with the features and functionality suitable for any sort of business (regardless the sector) Sage X3 is the natural progression for any growing business that is outgrowing their entry level Sage solution. But when will you know that you need to change?  

Here are some common signs (pain points) that will influence your decision to change and knowing when the time is right.

You need a solution that can handle multiple location accounting and reporting. 

You require multi-currency and multi-legislation capabilities for local compliance with Tax and law.

You may have multiple systems that don’t integrate meaning lots of manual processes or lost data.

It takes longer to make crucial business decisions due to incorrect data and lack of real-time information. 

Increased manual input is required to transfer information between departments taking up valuable time and resource.

Your existing solution doesn’t have the flexibility to handle complex processes or change as you change.

Increase of additional users or transactions is affecting the speed of processes and causing unexpected system crashes.

Business is evolving and you are looking to bring processes such as manufacturing inhouse but your system does not have the flexibility.  

Limited or no view of companywide performance or real-time reporting leading to bad business decisions. 

Want to see what Sage X3 can do for your business

If you are using Sage 50 or Sage 200 and they are feeling the strain, Sage X3 could be your answer. If you would like a demo or discuss your needs click below and get in touch.

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Useful stuff about Sage X3

Sage X3 capabilities guide

Detailed guide of all Sage X3 functional capabilities

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Sage X3 Datasheet

Sage X3 datasheet including deployment details

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