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The Business world is awash with acronyms. If you are a new business owner, trying to get your head around so many terms, and how they relate to your business, can be daunting.

ERP is a common term used in business, and it is likely to be one you will come across regularly, particularly as your business grows. Here, we unpack the acronym to answer:

What is ERP and how can it help me?


What is ERP?

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is essentially a business management software system which is used to integrate and track business resources and processes.

Typically, ERP systems will pool together or replace individual systems which track all stages and departments of your business, including cash flow, raw materials, production capacity, orders, purchase orders, invoicing, payroll, HR and so much more.

Why ERP?

Businesses typically turn to ERP to facilitate growth and expansion.

ERP systems:

  • Allow sharing of data across departments, enabling business owners and heads of departments to manage the entire business in one easy-to-navigate system
  • Centralise databases of information in one place, automate routine tasks which would otherwise be done manually (and are often time-consuming) and simplify your business processes across the board
  • Can allocate and track time spent on projects by employees to ensure accurate invoicing and project management, benefitting your business and its clients

In short, ERP software is designed to work with and for your business, freeing up time for your employees to do their jobs more efficiently. Ultimately, this helps your business grow and allows greater opportunity for scalability, leading to increase in revenue margins and overall efficiency.

Sage X3: A better approach to ERP

ERP software is a multi-billion-dollar industry. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which direction to take your business in.

We believe that Sage provides the best and most versatile ERP solutions on the market, and our hundreds of clients – who work across various sectors – agree. Regardless of the size of your business, Acuity has a Sage solution that will fit your needs, whether it be Sage X3 or Sage Intacct.

Keep reading to discover Sage X3, how it can help your business and why you should choose to work with Acuity as your Sage Partner.

What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 is an advanced ERP solution that is quick and easy to use, flexible and always designed around you.

Sage X3 provides you with more control than other solutions and can be customised to suit your business and its requirements, empowering you and your business to do more and do it better.

What can I get from Sage X3?

What is ERP - Sage X3 infographic

Whether you are a national or multi-national company, single or multi-entity, Sage X3 can work for you.

In addition to the functionality of typical ERP systems, Sage X3 provides the following benefits:

  • Designed around your business: Sage X3 provides industry-specific solutions; with off-the-shelf plug-ins or Acuity’s own Add-Ons (find out more here), Sage X3 can also be customised to work for your business and its unique requirements. As a flexible solution, Sage X3 can adapt and grow with you and your business.
  • Easy implementation: Sage X3 is fast, flexible and affordable to implement and can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud, with the latter option eliminating any downtime associated with server maintenance.
  • Simple integration: Sage X3 is an all-in-one solution for full business management and can be integrated with your CRMs, accounting, payroll and HR software systems to minimise data transfer errors.
  • Easy access & full visibility: Access your account online on desktop, tablet, or via the mobile app and manage your business anytime, anywhere. Get accurate, real-time reporting and full visibility of your financials with the click of a button and enhance decision making and identify areas for improvement in order to grow your business more quickly and use your time and resources more effectively.
  • Full control: Take full control of your finances, manage procurement, cash flow and business purchases with general ledger, cost accounting and budgeting.
  • Multi-company consolidation: Sage X3 allows organisations to operate separate legal entities in multiple countries across a single system. You can share key setup and data across companies providing control and removing duplication of entry, including customers, suppliers and products. Consolidated financial reporting can be run across the group including automatic inter-company adjustments.
  • No more manual processes: Eliminate manual inventory tracking and paper-based orders and invoices and access and amend up-to-date figures in real-time, all via your Sage X3 dashboards to save time, money and reduce the risk of errors and misplacement of paperwork.

Why Acuity?

Acuity has been around for almost 30 years. During that time, we have been completely dedicated to providing Sage solutions to all our customers, helping resolve their business challenges and contributing to their success.

We are the only Sage Partner in the UK which provides a fixed-price implementation on all projects. We also guarantee cost and scope of all projects and bill at agreed milestones and increase customer satisfaction through accurate project budgeting.

We might not be the biggest Sage Partner, have the most customers or the most awards, but what we are is…

Big enough to be able to look after your business, yet small enough that we still care!


Download our Sage X3 Guide for more information

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