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Sage X3 – A better approach to ERP

What is Sage X3?

Sage X3 is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is faster, more flexible and designed around the user.

It provides you with more control, empowering you and your business to do more, and do it better.

Sage X3 enables you to manage your entire business through one solution, from supply chain management and distribution processes to financial and production management, across multiple companies.

Increase your workflow efficiency, streamline your supply chain and grow your business with Sage X3 ERP.

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Sage X3 is FIT for any business

Sage X3 is a business solution that is FIT for any business:

  • Faster – Advanced process cycle time, faster inventory turns, faster customer response time, faster insight into cost and performance
  • Intuitive – Management of distribution operations, easier access to data ad collaboration, simpler IT Management
  • Tailored – Multiple deployment options, flexible capacity, flexible configuration and customisation, and a solution that will evolve as you do.

Depending on your preference, Sage X3 can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or as a hosted solution supporting a business-anywhere approach.

It offers established businesses a way of achieving greater efficiency, flexibility, and insight.

Which Industries does Sage X3 support?


Sage X3 product screenshot Manufacturing BOM

Features & Benefits

Sage X3 comes packed with features that can be utilised and tailored to your specific business needs, giving you an unparalleled ERP solution.

From financial management, production control and inventory management to real-time data and greater business insight, Sage X3 is the right choice for a business that has outgrown its existing solutions and is looking to move to the next level.

Sage X3 enables you to manage your whole business through one solution, giving you complete control over all your business processes.

Your choice of deployment

Sage X3 offers incredible flexibility in terms of deployment.

We recommend that Sage X3 should be deployed however is most appropriate and effective for your business.

You can deploy:

  • In the cloud (maintained by Sage)
  • In your company data centre (on-premises)
  • In a private cloud environment of your choice
  • As a hybrid of cloud and on-premises deployment for different systems

Product Capabilities

Get real-time visibility of your business whether locally or globally. Controlling your business has never been easier with Sage X3.

  • Budgets and accounting – Control your bottom line
  • Fixed Assets – Monitor your assets
  • Financial Reporting – Gain actionable insight
  • Collaboration – Increase efficiency and collaboration
  • Workspace – Gain better efficiency
  • Mobile – Access data on the go.

Read more about the Financial Management capabilities click here

Manage all your manufacturing processes in one solution, everything from multi-level bill of materials management to shop floor data capture for greater efficiency.

  • BOM planning – Achieve greater consistency
  • Shop floor control – Gain efficiency on the shop floor
  • Quality control – Keep the quality high
  • Project Management – Run successful projects
  • Collaboration – Increase efficiency and collaboration
  • Workspace – Gain better efficiency
  • Mobile – Access data on the go.

Read more about the Production Management capabilities click here

From inventory and suppliers to sales management, keep up with demand and benefit from the seamless processes within Sage X3.

  • Purchasing – Manage your suppliers
  • Inventory Management – Optimise your stock
  • Sales Management – Accelerate sales
  • Customer Service – Satisfy your customers
  • Collaboration – Increase efficiency and collaboration
  • Workspace – Gain better efficiency
  • Mobile – Access data on the go.

Read more about the Supply Chain Management capabilities click here.

Sage X3 provides the ability to run multiple companies, in multiple countries on the same system.

It comes with default local legislations to meet each countries legal and tax requirements, and each individual company can share setup as well as have local differences depending on their specific requirements.

Acuity specialise in International implementations and have extensive knowledge of using this functionality to meet the multi-national requirements for many of our customers.

Sage X3 allows organisations to operate separate legal entities in multiple countries across a single system.

You can share key setup and data across companies providing control and removing duplication of entry, including customers, suppliers and products.

Consolidated financial reporting can be run across the group including automatic inter-company adjustments.

Sage X3 includes standard transactions for posting across multiple companies in a single entry.

This can be inter-company fulfilment via purchase order to sales order, automatic sales invoice to purchase invoice, cost/revenue apportionment or bank movements across companies.

All include inter-company pricing and defined posting rules to ensure exclusions in consolidated reporting.

Sage X3 includes multiple reporting and dashboard options to suit the needs of all users within an organisation.

This includes tools for financial reporting and board packs, as well as day to day dashboard and portal reporting.

The portals can also be workspaces to allow users to proactively see what they need to be working on and actioning the items directly from the portal.

Sage X3 has an in-built workflow module that can be configured to automate or control processes across any parts of the system.

This can be as simple as sending notification emails to ensure someone is aware that a contract is due to expire.

Or could prevent processing of a transaction, such as a purchase requisition, until it is approved via an approval matrix.

Extend your capabilities with our range of extensions to Sage X3 functionality.

  • Approval Portal*
  • Exchange Rates
  • Expenses Management

*The Approval Portal for Sage X3 from Acuity has been designed and developed to help increase the efficiency of the approval process of all companies that are using Sage X3. Easy to implement and configure, the Approval Portal enables both Sage X3 and Non-Sage X3 approvers the mobile capability to authorise single or multiple transactions from wherever they are on whichever device.

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Useful stuff about Sage X3

Sage X3 Capabilities Guide

Detailed guide to all of Sage X3 functional capabilities

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Sage X3 Product Brochure

Sage X3 product overview and benefits guide

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Sage X3 Datasheet

Sage X3 datasheet that includes deployment details

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Acuity Approval Portal

The Approval Portal enables both Sage X3 and Non-Sage X3 approvers

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