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Non-profit organisations are utilising cloud accounting solution Sage Intacct to handle complex grant and fund management and to stay audit-ready. Here’s how they’re benefitting from this innovative solution…

Why Nonprofits are Choosing Sage Intacct

Watch our 3 minute intro to Sage Intacct for Nonprofit Organisations.

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Sage Intacct; supporting Nonprofits through automation and insights. 

Nonprofit organisations need innovative ways to overcome challenges like limited resources and minimum staff levels, so using the right business management solutions can make a world of difference to their success.

In addition to core financial management, Sage Intacct excels at managing the specific requirements of Nonprofits, with an extensive range of features including:

  • Automating repetitive manual tasks.
  • Permission-based access to intuitive dashboards for instant insights into selected financial and operational data.
  • Real-time customisable reporting to satisfy stakeholders’ needs.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting; track and report by grant, funder or donor with customisable reporting.

Sage Intacct is meeting these demands and more for a large number of Nonprofit organisations, take a closer look in our on-demand demo:


Sage Intacct Demo

Watch our Sage Intacct Introductory Demo

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Stakeholder Satisfaction with Sage Intacct

Managing multiple streams of income from grants, funding and donations means nonprofits need the ability to demonstrate how and where funds are directed. Sage Intacct makes this process fast and easy, by providing access to financial and operational data across all income streams in just a few button-clicks.

Intacct enables you to set up permission-based dashboards so you can provide donors and funders with up to date, relevant information. With internet-based access, Sage Intacct allows users to view dashboards from anywhere online, keeping them updated and informed. On-demand reporting can be generated by individual fund or grant (or your chosen dimension) supporting analysis and decision-making.

Satisfying stakeholders and auditors becomes simple and easy with Sage Intacct, helping nonprofits build trust and enhance their reputation.


Acuity Solutions, Sage Intacct

Why work with Acuity Solutions?

Our focus is on delivering what our customers need, when they need it; we work closely with our customers to understand their unique requirements, and provide the solution and roadmap to transforming their financial management.

Here are some more reasons Acuity Solutions customers choose us:

  • We offer FIXED PRICE services – eliminating the stress of hidden or unexpected costs.
  • Unlimited service options and a dedicated support team.
  • Regular free training in the form of video tutorials, webinars and resources to help you maximise Sage Intacct’s potential.

Find out how we can support your business by getting in touch:

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