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What does cloud-based solution Sage Intacct offer that Sage 300 users need and want? 

Scalability, flexibility and reliability are among the boxes being ticked – discover more in this post:

As technology evolves, the time inevitably comes when a business needs to adapt its’ systems, in order to remain competitive and thrive. Finance teams of today are facing ever-increasing pressures to deliver:

  • Accurate reports within shorter deadlines.
  • Effective management of multiple entities due to business expansion.
  • Compliance with demanding regulatory changes and legislation.

Sage Intacct is a true-cloud accounting solution that empowers businesses through automation, enhanced visibility and the capability to support profitable growth.

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Why move to the cloud?

Cloud technology is present in almost all we do; from storing our photos and documents to running our businesses, and it continues to grow in its’ capability to help run things more efficiently.

Free from the limitations of traditional accounting solutions, Sage Intacct provides businesses with the tools to take their financial management to the next level in ways including:

  • Remote system access via any internet-connected device.
  • Real-time access to data and on-demand reporting.
  • Removing common barriers to growth like additional IT costs for upgrades and expansion to cope with a growing business.

Highly configurable, Sage Intacct users pay only for what they need, as users can tailor Intacct to manage specific tasks (such as multi-entity management, projects and multi currency accounting) via its’ integration with a wide range of modules within Sage Intacct Marketplace.


sage 300 to sage intacct

What does migrating from Sage 300 to Sage Intacct involve?

As the first UK partner to achieve a successful Sage Intacct implementation, Acuity understand what’s important in the process of changing your financial management solution.

We work in partnership with our customers, ensuring we understand important factors such as:

  • Your current financial management challenges
  • Your needs and goals
  • The desired timeframe

By choosing to upgrade from Sage 300 to Sage Intacct our customer Correlation Risk Partners (CRP) achieved their goals and have improved efficiency and productivity throughout the business. Recalling their experience in working with Acuity, CRP’s Finance Leaders said:

“Support from Acuity was first class. Our Account Manager was great, particularly, and was always on hand to help and explain. [He gave us] clear quotes and information. That was key for us.”

An added bonus was the improved collaboration and productivity across multiple entities:

“Since we’ve implemented Sage Intacct, we’ve become one team, which makes a massive difference. We regularly update [each other], sit down and discuss things.”

For Acuity, the main focus of the project was ensuring honest and open communication throughout the project, and to deliver on our promises, to achieve a successful implementation for both us and our customer.

Read their full Case Study below:


Read Case Study
anywhere and time access

A few more reasons to choose Sage Intacct

Always on and Up to Date

Sage Intacct is a cloud native, true multi-tenant architecture solution, providing anytime access via web browser. Updates are performed automatically, with no system downtime.

Eliminating the additional costs for server upgrades, updates and IT infrastructure needed with on-premises solutions has been an attractive reason to move to cloud accounting for many Sage 300 users.


Multi-dimensional accounting simplified

Businesses with a growing or complex chart of accounts are seeking ways to streamline and simplify them.

Cloud finance software Sage Intacct has helped businesses streamline their chart of accounts via on-demand, real-time deep reporting capabilities and workflow automation.

Sage Intacct facilitates multi-entity management and automated consolidations with ease, with a shared chart of accounts and immediate visibility into operational and financial data. Your General Ledger becomes your entire data warehouse when using Sage Intacct.

sage intacct for recruitment agencies

Enhanced visibility

Role-based access to reports and dashboards grant users with real-time insights into KPIs and essential information, helping them keep projects on track, monitor performance and stay audit-ready at all times.

Typical Payback of Under 6 months!

What are we talking from an ROI perspective?

Sage Intacct users typically find they achieve payback on the licensing costs in as short a timeframe as 5-7 months from implementation.

This is achieved through a combination of features such as:

  • Workflow automation; saving hours of time on manual processes and reducing close periods from weeks to days.
  • Connecting your systems; integration with Salesforce and other key systems, providing one accurate single source of data for everyone.
  • On-demand visibility; access to key metrics via web browser, enabling remote, permission-based access for stakeholders into performance and trends.

Why Choose Acuity as your Sage Partner?

As a preferred Sage Business partner with 30+ years’ experience, at Acuity we pride ourselves on working with our customers across a variety of sectors, to understand what they really need from their finance management solution.

Here’s what we do differently:

  • Fixed Price Services (no surprises, even if the project over-runs)
  • Unlimited Support options
  • Free training and Community Support
  • Flexible Payment Options (including Direct Debit and milestone billing)

For more details on Sage Intacct, get in touch for an informal chat or to arrange a free Sage Intacct demo, simply fill in the below form and we’ll be in contact soon!