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Read the preview for Sage Intacct 2022 Release 1

Sage Intacct 2022 Release 1: The adventure continues

Coming to a screen near you this February 18th!

Our Highlights

Grab your popcorn, turn your mobiles to silent and get ready for Sage Intacct’s first release of the year, 2022 R1!

In a cloud, far, far away sits a solution so powerful, so intuitive and incredibly empowering it was hard to believe it could get any more formidable. Through partner and customer feedback and suggestions the master-builders at Sage have improved Sage Intacct to be an even more astounding financial management solution.

Automatically coming to your screens from February 18th, 2022, Sage Intacct will be packed with new features and updates that deliver more progress and improvements across the three product pillars as well as some exciting future updates that are now in the early adopter stage.

The latest release of Sage Intacct will provide more insight into your data and give you back more time to focus on other important tasks – like saving the world!

You may have seen the announcement on your Sage Intacct homepage, these are our highlights:

Accounts Payable

There has been a of use new features added to AP in this release to provide greater usability including:

Help to verifying supplier bank account details by unmasking supplier bank details – When using bank file payments to pay suppliers, users with permissions allocated can unmask bank details.

Find important fields faster with redesigned AP purchase invoice detail page. 

Sage have reorganised the AP purchase invoice detail page to save you time, moving frequently referenced information into more prominent locations, while consolidating related information.

Now, you can quickly evaluate the status of an AP purchase invoice and line items are easy to see, without scrolling.

Quickly view draft AP purchase invoices and attachments – This view filters the AP purchase invoices list for transactions in draft state.


New date column on the Pay AP purchase invoices page – To help you better evaluate which AP purchase invoices to pay at a given time, the Pay AP purchase invoices page now displays the AP purchase invoice date, in addition to the existing Due date and Payment date columns.

Accounts Receivable

Key new features arriving in AR are:

Save time and effort entering customer payments and import payments in bulk! Import up to 5,000 lines through the CSV import template. There will need to be a sales invoices already created in the system before the payment is uploaded, however it will be able to handle any overpayment for you. We always recommend uploading a single payment first to test your import data and make any corrections before progressing.

Default the sender for emailing AR sales invoices and statements. Reduce the need to manually change the email address each time users email documents. Particularly useful if you have different contacts for different departments so you can be specific about who is sending your invoice and statement emails or if you want all AR invoices and statements to default from a single sender.


General Ledger

Reclassify posted journal entries even when using GL Approvals. Companies using GL Approvals can now reclassify journal transactions that have been approved and posted, as long as the period is open. Reclassify the account or dimension value, memo, description, reference number, attachment or line amount (as long as the total remains the same).


Annotate your financial reporting with a new ‘Notations’ column type. Add a column anywhere in a financial report to display notes for one or more accounts. A useful feature for report creators to add text to help clarifies or enhances the numbers. You can have multiple notation columns and add a notation for a single account or any number of accounts in the report. When the report runs, you can see the notation text at the column location you selected as demonstrated below.

The Saga continues – even more coming soon!

There are some exciting new features in the early adopter phase, set for general release soon!

Accounts Payable

Purchase Invoice Automation – Sage Intacct’s time-saving Purchase Invoice Automation feature will enable you to upload AP purchase invoices and automate processing via:

  • The new AP purchase invoice upload
  • You or your suppliersforward AP purchase invoices to an email address provided

For each uploaded or emailed AP purchase invoice, Intacct creates a draft AP purchase invoice, populated with data captured from the AP purchase invoice. Using artificial intelligence, Intacct matches the AP purchase invoice to the correct supplier record and suggests GL accounts and dimensions, based on your AP purchase invoice history. Each automatically created draft includes the original AP purchase invoice as an attachment, for easy reference.

After Purchase Invoice Automation has processed the AP purchase invoice, all that’s left for you to do is to review and post!

Cash Management

Enhancements to matching rules are nearly here!

You can save time and manual processing by adding a new type of rule that creates journal entry transactions in Sage Intacct to match incoming bank transactions.

For example, you might want to automatically create journal entries for bank fees and daily deposits.

No more spoilers!

The above are just a few of our favourite changes in the latest release. More detail can be found on all of these plus more when you login to your Sage Intacct homepage. Alternatively, click here.

Should you want to discuss any of the changes or have any question please feel free to send us a message at  or call us on 01932 237110

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