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Are you looking for a faster, more efficient way of managing and transforming your distribution business?

Or, are you lacking control and visibility of your operations preventing you from delivering quality products and customer service? Distribution businesses that use multiple or outdated solutions put themselves at risk of supply chain headaches and customer dissatisfaction due to limitations in their software. As a result you will end up making wrong decisions due to not having the right information at the right time. The negative impact on efficiency and profit when using old disparate software is sometimes irreversible, and could be detrimental to your businesses future.

Sage X3 for Distribution, is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that empowers distribution business to manage their entire business through one solution. It provides the visibility and control you need to operate your business on a global scale. It enables better decisions with real-time data, and supports streamlining to increase both productivity and efficiency.

Sage X3 for Distribution

Need a more efficient distribution operation? 

Sage X3 provides your business with the correct tools to enable your business to operate UK and global supply chains smoothly and efficiently. 

If you need better insight into costs and margins while enabling a mobile sales force, then look no further! Whether you operate locally or globally, from procurement to warehousing, sales and financials, Sage X3 Distribution provides the control and visibility you need to easily manage your company more efficiently and keep up with growing industry demands.  

Powerful capabilities for distribution: 

  • Fully integrated distribution functionalities 
  • Global sourcing, importing/exporting and inventory management 
  • Supplier exchange monitoring to ensure quality and compliance 
  • Real-time monitoring and inventory optimisation 
  • Native mobile apps for sales and purchasing 
Sage X3

What you get with Sage X3

Sage X3 is perfect for supporting your distribution business. With functionality that covers processes of procurement and warehousing, sales and financials you will gain a complete, single view of your business performance at any given time. You will get a deeper understanding of your data allowing you to make better decisions, faster.

Sage X3 provides faster, more intuitive, and better tailored solutions than conventional ERP for organisations looking to retain their competitive advantage by increasing their agility and embracing change.

What Sage X3 allows you to manage

Supply Chain

Improve real-time visibility across the global supply chain to ensure transparency for all stakeholders, from suppliers to customers.

Warehouse & Inventory

Understand all aspects of your inventory, product profitability, order to cash, and warehouse operations so you can stock, pick and fulfil orders more efficiently.


Optimise purchasing decisions and margins and manage supplier quality and performance.


Empower a mobile sales force with visibility into customer, stocks, past purchases, quotes, and promotions through any connected device.

Sales & Marketing

Manage sales force assignments with ease and track corresponding targets and commissions.

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Business beyond ERP, with the unparalleled speed, simplicity and ROI of Sage X3.

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