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Are you challenged with accurately monitoring and managing client projects and their profitability?

Or, are you looking to simplify your project management processes, report more effectively and gain visibility of real-time data to make impactful decisions? Maybe you are just trying track time and expenses and better control costs?

Whatever your need as a Professional Service business, you want to be certain that you are operating an effective ERP to support delivering high quality services on time and to budget. Sage X3 is an ERP Software for Professional Service companies that helps you successfully manage your entire project lifecycle so you can keep delivering exceptional customer service.

Sage X3 for Professional Services provides total visibility of your customer, projects, finance and operations to give you complete control and customer reassurance. Additionally, Sage X3 offers great flexibility with multiple ways to deploy – depending on your circumstances and needs you can either take advantage of deploying:

  • In the cloud (maintained by Sage)
  • In your company data centre (on-premises)
  • In a private cloud environment of your choice
  • As a hybrid of cloud and on-premises deployment for different systems
Sage X3

First class services from Sage X3

Loaded with functionality to meet your specific industry requirements, Sage X3 provides advanced functionality that allows you to quickly see the performance and profitability of the business at the click of a button. Sage X3 enables proactive focus on your financials with controlled costs, budget management and time & expenses tracking.

Powerful capabilities for Professional services: 

  • Full project management lifecycle
  • Automatic calculation of a suggested price
  • Multiple project templates
  • Budget forecast per task and project
  • Record of all project reviews and adjustments
  • Multiple invoicing methods
sage for professional services

What you get with Sage X3

Sage X3 is designed specifically to cater for professional service organisations needs. With Sage X3 you will reduce the amount of administrative time spent on projects and reporting, and increase the entire business efficiency and deliver more profitable projects.

Some benefits of Sage X3 for professional services companies:

  • Allocation of costs, prices, services and external suppliers to projects
  • Accurate time and costs confirmation
  • Complete overview of every project and service
  • Project evaluation and profitability analysis
  • Integrated finance and project management functions
  • Automatic costs and invoice calculations
  • Project status, with drilldown to see stage performance

What you can improve with Sage X3

Accelerate response times

Process customer enquiries with accurate information about project costing, pricing and more.

Improve processes

Automate creating customer invoices, revenue recognition entries, and budget adjustments.

Track time and expenses

Input data on the go with your mobile and get real-time insights on completed tasks.

Simplify projects

Ensure accurate tracking, keep projects on schedule and increase profits.

Sales & Marketing

Combine CRM with the power of mobile to liberate sales and marketing efforts.

Customer Service

Get quick access to data and the power to manage customer demands.

Would you like a demo of Sage X3?

Want to serve up a more profitable professional services business, get in touch to arrange a demo of Sage X3.

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Business beyond ERP, with the unparalleled speed, simplicity and ROI of Sage X3.

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