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Collaborate is a communication tool within Sage Intacct that allows users to communicate with each other directly within the Sage Intacct platform. This can include sending messages, notifications, sharing documents or attaching notes to specific transactions or records.

You can use the Intacct Collaborate features to create groups and teams of users to update and communicate with. You can review what’s happening across your company immediately then jump directly to the transactions, records or people that need attention first. Collaborate is free within the core Sage Intacct platform.

Ways to use Collaborate

Example A: Document Sharing

Users can share documents related to financial transactions, projects, or other processes. This feature facilitates collaboration by allowing team members to access and review documents directly within the Sage Intacct environment. This does not replace the standard document attachment folder that should be used for documents required for audit purposes. 

The Finance Manager notices on her analysis dashboard that a customer has a longer payment term.

By drilling into the customer there is no obvious note to show why the payment term has been changed.

She notifies the AR Manager via collaborate. The AR Manager replies via collaborate attaching the new payment term contract.

  • Enter the Customer record
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Customer record
  • Select File/Choose File
  • Use @(Insert Name) to send notification
  • Select Share
  • The user will be notified of any messages received for their attention by the  Icon, located at the top right of the screen and via email.

Example B: Invoice on hold

Users can receive real-time updates and notifications on important events, such as the completion of a task, or changes to financial data. This helps in keeping everyone informed and responsive to changes.

An Accounts payable user has a question regarding an invoice that has been placed on hold. By entering the invoice and scrolling to the bottom the user can use Intacct collaborate to instantly notify a colleague with her query and then store the reason leading to the on hold status or future reference

Example C: Basic Credit Control activities

Collaborate can be used a basic credit control tool. A credit controller may get an update from a customer about a disputed invoice. This can be stored against the invoice record for reference.

A credit control group can be created and tagged against any comments to easily share across a team and review.

Create the Collaborate Dashboard to display all collaborate messages from the collaborate user groups you are assigned to, Such as the “Company Feed”, “What I follow” and “Messages to just me”

  • Go to: Dashboards/Dashboards
  • Select Add
  • Enter the name of your dashboard and any information such as Colouring, Columns, filters and permissions – This can be amended later
  • Select Save 

  • Go to Dashboards/Dashboards – Find your new dashboard – Select View Components
  • Select the in the top right to add components to your dashboard
  • Select Save


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