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Choosing the right accounting software partner to implement Sage Intacct can help shape and transform your business. Here are some of the main reasons Acuity Solutions customers choose (and stay with) us……

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1. The Certainty of Fixed Price Services

Budget is usually a primary concern when embarking on an accounting software project. Ambiguity surrounding costs can lead to financial strain and hinder strategic planning, causing undue stress.

At Acuity Solutions, we offer Fixed Price Services, providing our customers with the transparency and predictability they need to make the right decision that meets their unique needs. The benefits of fixed price services enable businesses to allocate resources efficiently, prevent unforseen budget overruns and to have a clear understanding of the financial commitment from the outset without fear of financial surprises.

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2. Free Training for Optimum Success

Knowledge transfer is a vital part of successful software implementations and in using the solution efficiently. We recognise the importance of empowering our customers with the skills and understanding necessary for seamless integration and ongoing support, which is why we provide an abundance of free training guides, how-to videos, webinars and more to help you maximise the potential of Sage Intacct.

We believe in building collaborative relationships with our customers, who view our free training and resources as a welcome value-added service.

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3. A Reputation that Builds Trust

Trust is the bedrock of any successful partnership, so choosing a Sage partner with a trustworthy reputation and proven track record should be a key consideration.

Some of the reasons our customers choose us include:

  • We’ve been providing Sage solutions for almost three decades, drawing on our expertise to support our customers in overcoming their accounting challenges.
  • We deliver on what we promise, keeping you updated throughout every stage of your project.
  • We provide dedicated support, regular updates and access to a great community for support and guidance.

See what Acuity customers think – take a look at our Case Studies below:


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4. Low-Risk

At Acuity, we actively work to minimise risks and to become a valuable ally. We communicate clearly, provide comprehensive agreements and are proactive in our approach to problem-solving.

We believe it’s important our customers have confidence we’re committed to addressing any challenges, and in our ability to resolve them swiftly and effectively. Our low-risk collaboration model ensures hurdles are approached with a solution-oriented mindset, safeguarding our customers interests in all that we do.

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