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Businesses who switched to cloud accounting over the past 2 years have seen a five times revenue growth (as outlined in this interesting linked article).

Read on to find out how moving to the cloud empowers businesses to do this…

Be remote work ready with cloud accounting

Lockdowns may have instigated the need to work from home but it’s a trend many businesses have firmly adopted going forward. While there are obvious benefits such as saving on costly office rentals and overheads, traditional on-premises accounting systems were not so ready for this new trend, with expensive server upgrades needed to cope.

True cloud accounting solution Sage Intacct is the perfect fit for remote working, offering benefits including:

  • Internet-based access anytime, anywhere
  • 99.9%+ availability
  • Rigorous data security
  • No costly server or IT infrastructure expenses

Intacct, a best-in-class Sage cloud solution, is enabling businesses to thrive in the new remote working environment through the automation of their accounting, billing and reporting with real-time access to key metrics, from any internet-connected device.

Why are growing businesses choosing Sage Intacct?

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Cloud accounting software

The sky's the limit with cloud accounting

An increase in transaction volume or users can slow down a traditional finance management system, so just as business starts to grow, you experience a system slow-down. Manual processes and slow / ineffective reporting are hardly consistent with the needs of a fast-growing business are they?!

A true cloud finance management solution doesn’t require expensive upgrades to servers or your IT infrastructure to handle your growth; Sage Intacct cloud accounting provides:

  • An Open API – for seamless integration with your other key systems (like Salesforce).
  • Real Time Visibility into your financial and non-financial data, on-demand.
  • Automatic Upgrades – no expensive workarounds to integrate your systems required.
  • Streamlined Processes through automation.
  • Improved efficiencies – eliminates manual errors and frees up time for strategic planning.

With better insights into performance in real-time, businesses using cloud finance software are poised and ready to act on opportunities when they arise – and to make timely adjustments when faced with changing circumstances.

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Is now the time to switch to cloud accounting?

Whatever stage your business is at, and whatever solution you currently use, if expansion and revenue growth are part of your plans, making the change to cloud accounting is always going to prove a beneficial move.

Many Sage Intacct users who upgraded from solutions like Sage 50 and Sage 200 (plus other on-premises solutions) have harnessed the power of this cloud finance software and have seen improvements including:

  • 80% faster month end closes with automated processes.
  • Business and revenue growth with real-time visibility and reporting.
  • Improved audit compliance.
  • Reduced manual errors and system downtime.
  • Payback on licensing costs in under 6 months

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