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Managing intercompany transactions can be complicated, time consuming and let’s be honest, downright frustrating! This post explores how implementing some best practices and cloud accounting software Sage Intacct can make the process easier…


The Basics

If you’re new to managing intercompany transactions, let’s start with an overview of what they involve.

Intercompany transactions are essentially a transaction between different companies that fall under the same parent company or holding company, or they can be between different departments within one company.

A commonplace practice in multinational organisations, examples of intercompany transactions include one department selling merchandise to another department, or the parent company lending a sum of money to one of its’ subsidiaries.

Often, the multi-currency and multi-entity requirements of managing this complex process throws up a series of challenges, including the following.

The Financial Management Solution!

Overcoming these challenges in multi-entity management is possible, it just takes good organisation & focus, good communication, and time!

Future-focused CFOs and organisations are increasingly seeking ways to improve their processes, boost efficiency and work towards achieving profitable growth. One key stage in their quest is to embrace digitalisation – which, as we’ve all noticed, is in a rapid growth phase.

Adapting to the digital environment sooner rather than later is one way to gain a competitive advantage over those yet to embrace it, and to stay one step ahead as technology continues to advance!


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How can Cloud Accounting Software help?

In order to manage the future financial demands on the business, today’s finance professionals have recognised the limitations in their entry-level legacy accounting software. These forward-thinking professionals are looking to adopt more intuitive and insightful cloud accounting software such as Sage Intacct to help manage their entire business.

In terms of managing intercompany transactions and multi-currency accounting, a cloud financial management software such as Sage Intacct combines the power of cloud technology with advanced functionality and features to simplify the task, such as:

Sage Intacct enables users to automate currency conversions and automatically obtains up-to-date exchange rates, eliminating the need to search for and enter them manually.

Setting up multi-entity consolidations is an easy process within Sage Intacct, allowing you to easily add new entities that inherit existing charts of accounts and process definitions, configuring the rules for intercompany transactions and bank accounts plus more.

Sage Intacct’s unified multi-entity architecture is built to handle domestic and global locations in multiple currencies however complex the structure. Creating complicated reports across vendor, customer and item lists for multiple entities that would usually take days or weeks can be done in minutes with Intacct – simplifying and speeding up multi-entity and multi-currency consolidations.

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The Intacct Impacct with Acuity Solutions

Now we’ve introduced you to the benefits of cloud accounting software Sage Intacct, allow us to introduce ourselves! Acuity are a leading Sage Partner with a skilled and friendly team who take pride in delivering the best for our customers!

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