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As the accounting world faces transformation with the advancement of cloud computing, traditional on-premises accounting systems are struggling to keep up. This post explores three key reasons why businesses need to consider migrating from on-premises and why Sage Intacct cloud accounting software is the leading choice

Why Move from an On-Premises Accounting Solution? 

In a word – Progression! Continuing to use existing, outdated accounting software holds your business back in terms of performance, efficiency and profitability. 

When processes start becoming more complex or take longer to complete, or issues arise with remote system access, consider these issues as red flags signalling it’s time to upgrade! 

Sage Intacct accounting software is a true-cloud financial management solution rated number 1 in its’ class  for customer satisfaction. From automation and real-time data access to superior analytics and cost efficiency, Sage Intacct blends advanced functionality and enhanced features to support businesses throughout the digital age. 

Here are the three key reasons to consider moving to cloud accounting now: 

1. Accessibility and Collaboration

A primary advantage of cloud accounting software is the accessibility if provides. Unlike on-premises systems, cloud financial management platforms like Sage Intacct provides users with system access at any time from any location, via web-browser access, so they can perform accounting tasks or view financial data whenever they need to. 

Particularly useful for businesses with multiple sites or remote-working employees, the flexibility of cloud accounting software eliminates the constraints of physical offices and enables real-time collaboration. 

Best-in-class cloud solution Sage Intacct actively promotes collaboration across teams via; 

  • Enhanced data sharing: no need for individuals to email data or extract from a system then put into a spreadsheet, as remote, permission-based access allows users to view any information they need all within Sage Intacct. 
  • Increased Planning time available: the hours of time saved through automating time-intensive manual processes can be used for proactive and strategic focused tasks. 


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2. Scalability and Cost Efficiency

As a business grows, traditional on-premises accounting systems require investment in expensive hardware, software licenses and IT infrastructure to meet the growing demands. Ongoing maintenance expenses and hefty upfront costs become unavoidable as the business continues growing. 

Cloud accounting software Sage Intacct follows a subscription-based, highly customisable model, where businesses only pay for the resources and modules they need, adding additional functionality and features to meet the evolving accounting needs when necessary.  

Sage Intacct supports scalability and cost efficiency through: 

  • Flexibility: scale accounting resources up or down to meet seasonal fluctuations or manage growth, without hardware limitations or costly upgrades. 
  • Eliminating IT expenses: everything relating to the IT infrastructure is taken care of by Sage Intacct – software updates, security and maintenance are no longer concerns for users. Leveraging the expertise and infrastructure of Sage Intacct allows users to focus on their core business mission. 


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3. Robust Security and Data Protection

Any reputable, forward thinking business leader today has data protection and security at the forefront of their mind. A business would struggle to function without its’ data – so ensuring safe handling and storage is crucial. 

The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) have a helpful article on what businesses need to know about data protection – you can read it here.  

From building customer trust and gaining contracts to staying compliant with regulations, handling sensitive financial information properly is key to a company’s success. 

Cloud accounting solution Sage Intacct provides advanced security measures that far surpass the capabilities of an on-premises alternative. 

Intacct safeguards users in their data protection and security via: 

  • Permission-based access to reporting and information ensures only relevant data is available to users
  • Data encryption during information transfer and storage prevents unauthorised access. 
  • Automatic quarterly updates ensuring users are always on the latest version. 
  • On and off-site daily backups ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of financial data while significantly reducing the risk of data loss. 

Embracing cloud accounting now is helping businesses break free from the limitations of physical infrastructure that come with on-premises solutions. Is it time to move your accounting to the cloud too? 

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The Intacct Impacct with Acuity Solutions

As a leading Sage partner, at Acuity Solutions we believe in working in partnership with our customers and getting to understand their unique needs. 

Here’s why our customers choose us: 

  • We have 25+ years of experience in Sage products. 
  • We offer Fixed Price Implementations on ALL projects. 
  • Our friendly team of experts pride themselves on helping customers overcome their accounting challenges and achieving their goals. 

Whether you’re merely exploring cloud accounting or keen to get the ball rolling, get in touch with us and we’ll arrange a call to discuss your situation, or arrange a no-obligation Sage Intacct demo. 


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