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Read the preview for Sage Intacct 2022 Release 1

Sage Intacct 2022 Release 3: The next-next level!

Coming to a screen near you this August 19th!

You know how you have to wait ages for the third instalment of a trilogy? The epic Sage Intacct builders have a treat instore for users with the upcoming launch of R3 this August, just 3 short months after R2!

Just what you’d expect from a team dedicated to maintaining Sage Intacct as the best financial management solution in the galaxy…

Automatically coming to your screens from August 19th, 2022, Sage Intacct will be packed with new features and updates that deliver even more progress and improvements.

You may have seen the announcement on your Sage Intacct homepage, these are our top 5 highlights:

1. Expand who can approve AP payments with the feature added to more user types

Previously, only Business users had the ability to approve AP payments making it difficult for the wider management team to approve payments without a full user set up. Now, the following user types can also approve or decline AP payments;

  • Business
  • Employee
  • Warehouse
  • Project Manager
  • Platform

2. AP Advance updates and enhancements enable you to create and track advances faster and more efficiently

AP Advances list

  • The new AP Advances page replaces the Posted Payments page giving you the ability to evaluate the status of advances at a glance and take more actions directly from the list:
    • Track where an advance is within the workflow by referencing the State column.
    • View columns that show the remaining Advance due amount, along with the Payment transaction amount and Total applied.
    • Create a new advance from the list using the Add button.
    • Access standard views and create custom views.
    • Filter on-the-fly using Advanced filters.

  • The AP Advances page also provides a new compact layout for creating and editing advances. The page includes several enhancements:
    • Create multi-currency advances.
    • Add supporting documentation as attachments.
    • Create advances with new options (Draft, Save, Post, or Submit), depending on your approval configuration and the payment method you select.
    • Customise the entries layout under More actions, for Business users with Admin privileges.

There are further enhancements when viewing an advance, tracking advances throughout the life cycle from the AP Advances list, create multi-currency advances, control the summary frequency and include AP advances and AP advance detail in custom reports.

3. Make it easier to view AP purchase invoice attachments with the new split view

  • Rather than having multiple windows open to view an AP purchase invoice and its attachment, you can now review the AP purchase invoice details side-by-side with its associated attachment.
  • To see the split view, customise your user preferences.

4. Enhancements to Receive Payments to simplify your workflow

When you first get to the Receive Payments page, select the customer and enter the payment information as you normally do. Then, click Show AR sales invoices.

  • If the customer has a AR sales invoice open, it loads in the grid below.
  • If a customer has more than one open AR sales invoice, the list of open AR sales invoices loads in a separate window. Select the AR sales invoices to apply the payment to.
  • Make any necessary changes and post the payment as usual.

5. New statement date field

The new field, Statement date, allows you to add a custom statement date to your Accounts Receivable statements. This new field appears on the Print/Email Statements page.

  • This field is different from the existing statement date field, Last statement date, which picked up the last date that a statement was sent.
  • The new merge field for Statement date is available for printed document templates.


There have also been several permissions changes to be aware of. One that may need actioning for your users is:

Accounts Payable – AP Advances – List, View, Add, Edit, Void, Delete

  • Permissions for advances are consolidated under the AP Advances permission set
  • After August 19, 2022, update all applicable users or roles to assign the AP Advances – Edit, Delete permissions. Existing permissions will be migrated and assigned
  • Users without the Edit and Delete permissions will not see the option to edit or delete applicable AP advances.


No more spoilers!

The above are just a few of our favourite changes in the latest release. More detail can be found on all of these plus more when you login to your Sage Intacct homepage. Alternatively, click here.

sage intacct 2022 release 3

Should you want to discuss any of the changes or have any question please feel free to send us a message at  or call us on 01932 237110.

You can also join us for our Learning Lab on 8th September to see some of these features in action – register here.


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