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Manufacturing organisations need financial management software capable of managing unique needs, such as complex inventory and supply chain processes. Two industry leading options are Sage Intacct Manufacturing and Sage X3 Manufacturing, read on to discover which option suits your business best…

*Note: The purpose of this post is to offer a comparison between the 2 products. Acuity is not a provider of Sage Intacct Manufacturing.


The Overview

Managing the complex processes and workflows within a manufacturing organisation is a difficult and time-intensive task without the right tools. Handling inventory and supply chain management along with multiple warehouses, plus evaluating product line profitability is an ever-increasing challenge using outdated systems and spreadsheets.

The right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution offers ways to better manage the complete manufacturing process. Now, let’s look at Sage X3 and Sage Intacct in closer detail…

Sage X3, Sage Business Software

Sage X3 Manufacturing

A robust ERP solution designed specifically for manufacturing organisations, Sage X3 enables users to manage their full manufacturing process more efficiently, with in-built support for discrete and process manufacturing and tools to manage specific tasks like production scheduling, bill of materials and quality control.

Sage X3 Manufacturing Features

Sage X3 Manufacturing
Sage X3 manufacturing
Sage X3 Manufacturing

Sage X3 has a choice of deployment options, offering flexibility to suit the needs of the business;

  • In the cloud (maintained by Sage)
  • On premises (in the organisation’s business centre)
  • A cloud environment of the company’s choice
  • A hybrid of cloud and on-premises

Sage X3 is scalable, capable of supporting multiple sites in over 20 countries and 100 currencies – an ideal solution for manufacturers with global expansion goals!

Sage X3 Demo

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Sage Intacct, Sage Business Software

Sage Intacct Manufacturing

Sage Intacct Manufacturing is a true cloud accounting software solution that enables users to automate their financial, inventory and production management processes.

Process automation helps improve efficiency, streamline operations and improve the business bottom line while functionality like real-time visibility via intuitive customisable dashboards and dimensional reporting promote better and faster decision making.

Sage Intacct’s open API technology allows for integration with a variety of other business systems, such as Salesforce, to deliver a complete view of the business overall in one easy to use place.

Acuity is not a provider of Sage Intacct Manufacturing but does provide Sage Intacct without manufacturing capabilities.

Sage Intacct Demo

Interested in Sage Intacct Without Manufacturing Capabilities?

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The Comparison

Sage X3 features built-in tools to support growing manufacturing organisations in managing their financials, supply chain, production and customer relationships.

Designed for larger organisations, Sage X3 is a ready-made, all-in-one solution with a wide range of features to suit the complex needs of the manufacturing sector.

Sage Intacct is a highly configurable financial management platform consisting of core accounting functionality and the ability to add modules on to create a tailored solution to manage the full process including procurement, inventory, supplier and customer relationships.

Cloud native Sage Intacct is a user-friendly, fully-cloud deployed solution suited to small and medium sized manufacturing businesses.


The Conclusion

Both Sage X3 and Sage Intacct are powerful ERP solutions that suit the unique needs of a manufacturing organisation, but for larger companies or those with greater international requirements, the scalability and internationalisation capabilities of Sage X3 are likely better suited at the present time.

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