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Future proofing your business helps build resilience against a rapidly changing and unpredictable environment. In this article we’re exploring how and why cloud accounting is fast becoming the Future of Finance

future of finance - risk

Risky Business

Failing to update business processes or systems at the right time can pose significant risks to data security and slow down productivity and growth.

When it comes to financial management, outdated legacy systems not only become less efficient over time, they also become more expensive to maintain. On-premises accounting solutions require costly hardware maintenance and IT professionals for services like server updates and upgrades.

Moving to a cloud financial management solution like Sage Intacct ensures customers are always on the latest version without disruption or additional costs, with upgrades automatically performed every quarter.

The Trends Shaping Finance and Accounting

Discover the trends shaping the finance and accounting world in 2023.

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The past 3 years have seen transformation in the way we work and operate our businesses, but have our systems and processes evolved enough to cope?

We now need flexible, scalable systems that support remote working, provide better protection against cyber security threats and provide us with the data we need, when we need it.

Common complaints such as those listed below can be easily resolved with a future-focused cloud native accounting solution…

Future-Proof Your Finances Against:

Speed up your financial and operational reporting with Sage Intacct’s deep reporting capabilities. Generate reports by practically any dimension in minutes, without resorting to spreadsheets and manual data manipulation.

Explore advanced reporting with Sage Intacct in this short video

Imagine having multiple systems that seamlessly integrate, reducing the need for duplicating data entry and the risk of manual errors. The Sales Intacct and Salesforce integration perfectly aligns sales and finance, enabling users to view the complete customer journey within one system and enhance the opportunity-to-invoice process.

Discover the power of Sales Intacct & Salesforce Integration: View Details

During 2022, 30% of the UK workforce worked from home or remotely at least once per week (View Source Website)

20% of businesses also have plans to increase their use of freelancers due to rising overheads (source), so it’s fair to say a modern business needs modern, adaptable systems in order to function and grow.

Having a system in place that facilitates remote, secure access provides the flexibility you and your workforce need to adapt to whatever the future brings.

Sage Intacct is a highly configurable, flexible cloud accounting platform that features internet-based access – a modern solution that meets the demands of modern working.

Stepping up defences against cyber security threats and ensuring safe data storage and handling are a prominent focus for most businesses.

Taking strong precautionary measures to keep data safe not only protects your business from data corruption or theft, it will also reassure customers they’re in safe hands and build a strong brand reputation that can help attract new clients.

Cloud accounting solutions store data securely -as you might’ve guessed – in the cloud. Sage Intacct’s Buy With Confidence Guarantee provides customers with peace of mind, with an uptime of 99%, tier one data security centre and dual-location backups performed automatically.

Being able to identify trends or potential problems in time to act on them requires enhanced insights.

Older financial management solutions struggle to meet demands for real-time visibility, meaning by the time data has been requested and prepared, it could already be out of date!

In a fast-paced environment, cloud accounting solutions come into their own, obliterating the restrictions of traditional systems by delivering real-time insights into performance.

Sage Intacct customers utilise intuitive Dashboards to keep on top of their financial and operational performance, customising the display to show what they need most, all in real-time.

Sage Intacct encourages Company-Wide Responsibility

Ready to Future-Proof your Finances?

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