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Sage Intacct empowers professional service providers to do more than manage finances – it acts as a strategic tool to improve client satisfaction and drive growth. Here are 7 reasons they’re choosing Sage Intacct:

1. Project Management Perfection

No more spreadsheets to manage project budgets; Sage Intacct seamlessly integrates project costing and billing.

Intacct users track projects in real-time, compare estimated costs vs actual costs and spot potential overruns so they can nip them in the bud. Invoices are streamlined with automatic generation based on project milestones, resulting in faster payments and healthier cash flow.

Click the image on the left to watch an overview of Sage Intacct Project Accounting.

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2. Deep Visibility, On Demand

Forget waiting for end-of-month reports to be run, Sage Intacct delivers a complete view of your finances, anytime, anyplace via internet browser access.

Using Sage Intacct, finance professionals are analysing by project, department, client or their chosen field in real-time, with the ability to drill down into source transactions all within an easy to use role-specific dashboard.

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3. Improved Teamwork

Great teamwork helps professional services businesses thrive, something that’s now easier to achieve for our Sage Intacct customers.

Intacct integrates with hundreds of key business applications (like Salesforce) promoting alignment between departments and sites across multiple locations. Your external stakeholders benefit too; grant clients permission to access project data relevant to them, so they can stay informed and track progress whenever they need it, helping build trust and strengthen relationships.

One of our customers improved collaboration across four sites in two countries on implementing Sage Intacct, read their story:

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Achieve growth with Sage Intacct

4. Scalability

As your business evolves, having a system that adapts to accommodate growth and changing needs becomes invaluable.

With Sage Intacct, our customers have eliminated issues their old accounting systems struggled to cope with, like adding more users, handling increased transaction volumes and costly hardware or IT infrastructure upgrades. Intacct’s cloud-based nature easily copes with business growth, multi-entity and even multi-currency management.

Read one Acuity customer’s story of how they overcame system limitations by migrating from Sage 50 to Sage Intacct with us:

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5. Automation

Sage Intacct automates repetitive but essential tasks like accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliations and reporting, freeing up valuable time to redirect elsewhere.

Our Intacct customers are switching focus to high-value activities like business development, planning and analysis with their welcomed additional time.

6. Unmatched Flexibility

A professional service business has unique financial management needs with complex billing requirements, trouble keeping projects on-track and on-budget while managing multiple entities among them.

Sage Intacct handles all of these and more through its’ integrated modular design. Going way beyond managing core financials, we tailor Sage Intacct to suit individual needs with modules such as Projects, Multi Entity Management, Time & Expenses – building the exact solution to meet our customers needs.

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7. Superior Security

It goes without saying the importance of security when handling sensitive client data. Data security is a priority for Sage Intacct, backed by robust encryption protocols, tight access controls and multiple daily backups,

Sage Intacct’s 99.8% uptime and comprehensive disaster recovery processes ensure yours and your client’s data are securely stored in the cloud, providing that all-important peace of mind.

Why choose  Acuity as your Sage Business Partner?  

We have 25+ years’ of successful UK and international Sage solution implementations under our belt, with a friendly, professional, qualified team committed to your success!

We provide:

  • Fixed price services on all projects.
  • Ongoing support and training.
  • Flexible payment options, such as milestone billing and Direct Debit.
  • Regular updates and communication.

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