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More sites, more problems?

Let’s take a look at how you can manage multiple companies with ease using Sage Intacct multi entity software…

Managing more than one business and one set of accounts is a labour-intensive process, often reliant on multiple spreadsheets (with a gazillion tabs!).

Does your multi-entity organisation share the below challenges?

  • A lack of flexibility and time delays with reporting systems
  • Multi-currency consolidations & local tax compliance
  • Having to access data using multiple systems
  • Barriers to business growth due to limitations with systems and software

When managing parts of the business such as inter-entity transactions, global consolidations, de-centralised payables and multiple currencies, you need a multi entity finance software that works as hard (and smart) as you do.

Sage Intacct multi entity software is a best-in-class  solution that enables you to automate and streamline processes, saving hours of time previously spent manually reconciling the books.

Next Generation Financial Consolidations

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How Sage Intacct eliminates multi-entity finance software issues

Spending large chunks of time on global consolidations or month end close procedures?

A modern, cloud-based finance software like Sage Intacct allows you to automate manual processes and access on-demand reporting across the entire organisation – on any device with internet connection, anytime.

Because different people need different data, at different times, Sage Intacct lets you create custom, role-based reports and intuitive dashboards; for the insights and info they need when they need it.

Would the ability to drill into granular detail in real time provide you with valuable insight, so you can make better, more informed business decisions?

manage multiple companies

Sage Intacct makes life easier, via features including:

  • An open API – Sage Intacct integrates with hundreds of other applications you already use (such as Salesforce) pulling all of your data into one system.
  • Use automated exchange rates for always-accurate currency conversions.
  • Eliminate manual errors – automating your processes not only frees up your team for other tasks, it ensures accuracy of information.


Intacct for Multi Entity & Global Consolidations

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Profitable Growth – that’s the Intacct Impacct

When business growth accelerates, it’s sometimes at a faster rate than your accounting systems can cope with.

A catch 22 situation; you want to take advantage of growth opportunities when they show up, but are being held back by:

  • Dis-jointed systems
  • Increased time spent on manual processes
  • The cost implications of upgrading your finance management systems

You need a way of conquering these hurdles and building scalable controls….

Achieve growth with Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct multi entity finance software is built to support growth, and scales with you so you can manage multiple companies with ease. Intacct facilitates:

  • New entity growth across countries
  • Incorporates new sites into the group reporting with ease
  • Better insights – on-demand (without further costly hardware or IT support costs)

In fact, Sage Intacct users find an average payback on licensing costs of 6 months or less!

Not gone global (yet)? If you’re a growing business with up to 5 UK sites, Sage Intacct’s sibling Sage Intacct Starter Edition is the cost-effective, multi entity finance software of dreams, with full implementation in as little as 10 weeks!

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