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If your finance management solution could use a sprinkle of magic, read on for how to make up the perfect accounting software potion…

Muddling through your duties as a finance leader with an inadequate finance management solution is no fun – if your tools for the job are more of a curse than a blessing, how do you conjure up achieving your goals?

Defy Gravity with cloud finance software.

As Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West) sings in the musical, Wicked “Everyone deserves a chance to fly.”

Your business deserves to fly too – and where better to start than in the cloud(s). When your traditional on-premises accounting solution can no longer cope, or isn’t supporting you in achieving your goals, it’s time to consider moving to cloud financial software.

Businesses who have moved to cloud accounting, like best-in-class solution Sage Intacct, have experienced supercharged revenue growth, improved productivity and expansion over the past couple of years.

Could it be time to fly your business to the next level with Sage Intacct cloud finance software?

Why are growing businesses choosing Sage Intacct?

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Cast your “Lumos!” spell

True Harry Potter style, the spell “Lumos” comes from the Latin word ‘Lumen’ or ‘Light’. Shining a light across your business is important, as it allows you to see more clearly where you are vs where you want to be.

Assess your finance management system and its capacity to let you view all aspects of your data; are you craving more insights into:

  • Budgets vs actuals?
  • KPIs across multiple locations or currencies?
  • More accurate, faster reporting?

If so, the benefit of real-time access to data and on-demand dimensional reporting that Sage Intacct cloud finance software delivers could cast the “lumos” you need to make progress in your accounting.

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Embrace the wizadry of digitalisation

Assuming you aren’t blessed with crystal ball fortune-telling abilities, planning and forecasting can be an ongoing challenge for any business in today’s fast-paced environment.

When your cauldron is bubbling over with tasks and you’re using countless excel spreadsheets and time-draining manual processes – you end up planning and making decisions based on past performance.

Embracing cloud finance management means harnessing its innovative technology and the power to spot trends earlier. Sage Intacct’s broad range of features will free up your finance team’s time through process automation, letting them spend more time to spend on strategic planning and growth-building activities.

Finance leaders using Sage Intacct are making better, data-driven decisions and fuelling profitable growth – ready to do the same?!

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The Spellbinding Sage Intacct Impacct

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” said the late, great author Roald Dahl.

In the same way, businesses who aren’t ready to look for positive change risk becoming less competitive in their marketplace.

Best-in-class cloud finance software Sage Intacct has a blend of core accounting functionality and more industry-specific benefits, with users spellbound by the impact it’s had on their day-to-day operations and in supporting profitable growth.

Award-winning Sage Intacct has been consistently rated highly by industry analysts and users for aspects including:

  • Ease of set up and ease of use
  • Product direction
  • Quality of support

Sage Intacct must have the magical touch, with features including workflow automation, deep dimensional reporting, intuitive role-based dashboards and superior multi-entity management – it’s easy to see how users are enjoying benefits such as:

  • A 50% faster month end close.
  • A 20-35% increase in productivity.
  • Reduced Accounts Payable processing time (by a third).
  • An increase of 100% in sales.

Time to discover if it can do the same for you?

All treats, no tricks with Acuity…

Acuity Solutions are a leading UK Sage partner, with over 30 years’ experience in Sage solutions and customer service.

We don’t believe in Hocus Pocus – we believe in working with our customers, finding out their goals and challenges and recommending the right solution to support them now and in the future.

We also believe our fixed-price implementations on ALL projects is the right approach (and we’re the only UK partner to offer this!). Our three levels of Sage Intacct Support on Subscription provide customers with the flexibility to choose only what they need, building the perfect financial management solution for their needs.

Our team of Sage experts are passionate about delivering the best for our customers, throughout the implementation stage and far beyond.

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