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Is consolidating the accounts of multiple entities causing headaches in your healthcare or care home organisation?

This post examines how cloud accounting for healthcare could be the cure…

Financial consolidations in Healthcare organisations can prove to be a time-consuming challenge without a centralised accounting system in place.

Consolidating accounts for multiple practices , care homes, hospitals and clinics is proving challenging for Healthcare finance leaders because of factors like these:

  • Waiting for sites to submit their reports to close the books.
  • Needing to adapt to changing accounting rules and regs.
  • Having to collate and consolidate information submitted in different ways (e.g. via spreadsheets or emails).

Adding to the stress load is trying to satisfy stakeholders’ demands for the information they need, so they can understand a variety of business lines.

Is there an easier way? Healthcare organisations are adopting cloud financial management platforms to simplify their accounting, helping them improve efficiency and gain greater visibility across their operations.

Is it time to move your accounting to the cloud?

Need better visibility into your financials?

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The Treatment Plan

Having difficulty accessing performance metrics when you need them? Are ineffective reporting and poor insights hindering your ability to scale and grow?

If yes, we diagnose your accounting solution is in poor health – and it’s time to make an action plan…

True cloud accounting solution, Sage Intacct is an industry leading financial management platform helping simplify financial consolidations through its powerful functionality and advanced features.

Find out more in our short introduction to Sage Intacct video.

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Sage Intacct allows users to automate even complex financial processes and to easily manage accounts across multiple locations and currencies.

Customers are moving towards continuous consolidations in their organisations with the benefits of Intacct, including:

  • Real-time Visibility into consolidated finances and statistics via intuitive Dashboards
  • Consolidate by chosen dimension; customer, site, time period and more, then create and view reports by dimension
  • Automated Inter-Company Financials – manage all financial requirements and transactions in one place

Improving multi-entity financial consolidations requires a scalable and flexible solution that can streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Not sure many healthcare/care homes will have the need for international currency.

Maybe use inter-company postings – automatically manage all your inter-company financial requirements and transactions in one place.

Improving multi-entity financial consolidations requires a scalable and flexible solution that can streamline operations and improve efficiency.

8 Reasons Healthcare Organisations are choosing Sage Intacct

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The Prescription for Profitable Growth

Multi-entity management means needing to integrate new entities into your organisation easily and without disruption.  Implementing a scalable accounting solution like Sage Intacct with powerful integration capabilities, allows the addition of new entities seamlessly, without additional system upgrade or IT related costs.

Sage Intacct users are mastering their multi-entity consolidations through functionality and features including:

  • Greater coordination within the closing process of multiple business units.
  • Greater control with all financial data managed in one single system.
  • Automatic scheduling of monthly or daily consolidations across multiple sites and countries in multiple currencies.
  • Drill into dimensional detail for individual entities and view the entire organisation at the click of a button.

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