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As environmental concerns rise, businesses are seeking more ways to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint. Read on for 5 strategies businesses can use when going green and how cloud accounting solutions contribute…

Why focus on Going Green?

Aside from the much publicised benefits to the planet, improving sustainability in your business can lead to cost savings and improved brand reputation, helping attract and retain customers and employees.

The adoption of cloud accounting can prove an effective tool in supporting sustainability – below we explore how in more detail.

go paperless

1. Go Paperless

Possibly the most obvious one, switching to paperless operations contributes to a more sustainable environment through minimising paper usage. Cloud accounting software like Sage Intacct enables businesses to transition to paperless accounting by storing financial data, invoices, receipts and reports electronically in the cloud.

The need for printing and physically storing documents is greatly reduced or eliminated, reducing paper waste, the associated carbon emissions from production and disposal and the physical space required for storage.

Cloud accounting solutions provide secure document management systems, allowing businesses to easily upload, store and retrieve electronic files. By going paperless, an organisation not only contributes to environmental conservation but also benefits from improved efficiency, accessibility and streamlined workflows.

Time to explore cloud accounting? Check out our free white paper, “The Cloud Made Clear”.

remote working

2. Remote Working

Encouraging remote working and virtual collaboration can significantly reduce the environmental impact of daily commuting and office energy consumption. Cloud accounting solutions enable teams to work remotely and collaborate seamlessly, accessing financial data and performing accounting tasks from anywhere in the world via internet connection.

Cloud accounting software Sage Intacct offers real time data synchronisation, ensuring all team members have access to the most up-to-date financial information. This reduces the need for in-person meetings and physical travel, leading to reduced fuel consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Remote work not only supports a greener environment, it also enhances work-life balance, productivity and employee satisfaction!


energy efficiency

3. Improved Energy Efficiency & Resource Optimisation

Cloud accounting systems operate on a shared infrastructure, where data is hosted in data centres instead of individual on-premises servers. This centralised approach allows for better resource optimisation and energy efficiency. Data centres have energy efficiency at the heart of their design, employing technologies such as virtualisation, cooling management and efficient hardware utilisation.

Companies utilising cloud accounting solution Sage Intacct are leveraging the energy-efficient infrastructure of Intacct’s Tier One Data Centre, reducing their own energy consumption and environmental impact.

Sage Intacct also enables scalability, so users can adjust their computing resources based on demand, avoiding excessive energy usage during periods of low activity.


4. Recycling & Waste Reduction

Champion a culture of recycling and reusing within the business, which can be done in several ways. Ensure properly labelled recycling bins are available and used to dispose of materials in the most sustainable way and explore local community initiatives you could join, to help improve your own journey to a greener business.

More efficient tracking of inventory and procurement will also benefit reducing waste, a task made easy using cloud accounting to automate purchasing and track inventory across the business.

Explore more of the benefits of an automated purchasing system with Sage Intacct in our free article below.


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Choose Like-Minded Partners & Suppliers

Working with fellow green-focused suppliers and partners contributes to reducing environmental decline even further. Choosing to work with companies committed to environmental sustainability who may offer carbon offsetting programmes and invest in renewable energy or conservation projects, promotes a greener business environment all round.

This is something we think is important at Acuity and as a leading Sage Partner, it’s great to know that Sage has an aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2025, with science-based targets in place to support achieving this goal by focusing on reducing emissions from the supply chain, operations and customer usage.


going green

Want to find out more?

Embracing sustainable practices is more than an ethical responsibility – it’s a smart business decision! Implementing strategies like paperless operations, remote work, better tracking and focusing on energy efficiency are the way forward to helping the planet and a more reputable, successful business.

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