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How do you succeed as a Non-Profit CFO, where mission impact is goal #1?

Could better accounting software for non-profits help?…

Your mission as a nonprofit CFO is not for the weak. Unlike profit orientated businesses, in a nonprofit, resources tend to centre around the ultimate goal – of supporting the mission and making an impact.

Dealing with tight budgets and limited tools (spreadsheet overload?!) means it’s no easy mission – but it’s one that can be transformed with the right nonprofit accounting software.

A flexible, modern solution such as true cloud finance software, Sage Intacct can help in a variety of ways.

Discover how Sage Intacct can help…


The Benefits of Cloud Based Nonprofit Accounting Software

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Simplify complex accounting with Sage Intacct.

Your Nonprofit’s accounting needs are more complex than most; aside from the accounts payable and receivable basics, you have the added task of:

  • Managing multiple grants, funds and donors
  • Producing statements of activities and cash flow
  • Complex multi-dimensional revenue recognition
  • Providing complete transparency and audit compliance

Doing all of this with limited visibility into key metrics and long-winded manual processes is tricky to say the least. Is it time to find a better way?

Best-in-class cloud based Sage Intacct is a non profit accounting software that offers outstanding accounting capabilities and the flexibility nonprofit accounting demands.

Think real-time visibility, automation of manual processes and custom multi-dimensional reporting by grant, fund or donor.

Sound interesting?


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Master Grant & Funding Management

When you have multiple grants, funds and donations coming in from multiple sources, you could use a finance management system that offers:

  • Multi-dimensional reporting
  • Balancing and closing by independent funds
  • Real-time access to information

These tools enable you to satisfy your stakeholders with on-demand visibility into how their investment is being put to use.

Sage Intacct is powerful and flexible enough to cope with these needs, and to help you grow funding further with features including:

  • Create custom reports by funder, grant or location
  • Present back to each funder or grant the impact of their donation via custom dashboard access
  • Tighten internal controls – no matter where employees reside – with real-time access to data (from anywhere via web browser)

Intacct helps you master your grant and fund management with ease.

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Synchronise your systems.

One of the most time-draining business tasks surely has to be data entry and analysis. Particularly if data is being entered into multiple systems, exported into spreadsheets then used to generate reports – who has the time?!

The open API of cloud accounting software Sage Intacct features deep integration with Salesforce (and hundreds of other applications) so data need only be entered once, with synchronisation between systems saving hours of time.

Think about the time spent consolidating spreadsheets every month, is it days or even weeks? A centralised online accounting system automates consolidations and reduces month end close time by up to 80% – very handy when you’re working with limited resources.


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Know & show where you are

A basic yet key requirement of nonprofits is transparency of your financial reporting and audit compliance. 

Sage Intacct cloud financial management simplifies this process, helping you stay ahead of the game and to both satisfy current and attract new funders.

Audit compliance becomes automatic, with permission based remote access to reports in real time – you can permit an auditor to simply login and access the relevant information they need on demand.

All in all, nonprofit accounting software Sage Intacct makes the work of a Nonprofit CFO easier and more productive, through the combined power of cloud accounting and unique features to help you deliver and plan for mission success.

Is it time to explore how Sage Intacct could benefit your organisation?

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