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Sage Intacct customers are saving up to 3 manual-work days a month via a fully automated cash flow allocation tool. In this post we’re sharing how Dynamic Allocations helps users stay audit ready and make data-driven decisions…



What's Great About Dynamic Allocations?

Imagine a cash flow allocation tool within the system that’s fully automated, enabling you to see the true performance and financial health of your business in real-time – sounds useful, doesn’t it?! 

Sage Intacct Dynamic Allocations enables users to: 

  • Allocate Indirect Costs, Revenue Contributions, Assets and Liabilities across multiple different dimensions. 
  • Save days of time through task automation. 
  • Improve accuracy and gain vital insights into the entire business financials. 
  • Maintain an accurate audit trail. 

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What Can You Do In Sage Intacct Dynamic Allocations?

In addition to the basics of supporting statistical accounts, Sage Intacct offers many enhancements for customers. Intacct users are improving efficiency, utilising deeper, real-time insights into their business through features like: 

  • Get a snapshot view of the impact of an allocation for a before and after picture. 
  • Use user-defined or any standard dimension in the allocations set-up, enabling them to allocation input and output limits. 
  • Set up automatic, recurring allocations. 
  • Automatically identify allocations in the same period, then auto-reverse the previous one once the new allocation is created. This in effect resets the amount of the allocation, adjusting the allocations over time as your basis accuracy. 
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Sage Intacct Customer Benefits

The days worth of time saved that would previously be spent on manual tasks are a clear winner, but our Sage Intacct customers also benefit from: 

Becoming More Strategic 

Sage Intacct users can make more informed data-driven decisions by comparing allocation methods and reviewing strategy using the insights gained into the potential impact of allocations. 

Staying Audit-Ready 

Intacct makes it easy to prepare a detailed audit trail, while quick overviews backup and demonstrate the allocation rationale.  The parameters for calculations are automatically attached to a journal entry, saving time plus improving accuracy and transparency. 

Saving Money and Manpower 

Automating journal entries enable Sage Intacct users to reduce the cost of outsourcing accountancy or having internal accountants spending days per month on allocations.  

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