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Revenue recognition is a critical yet complex aspect of financial management. In this post we’ll be sharing our Top 5 Features of Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition and how they help streamline the process… 


What is Revenue Recognition?

Revenue recognition is the process of determining when and how to recognise revenue within an organisation’s financial statements, based on various criteria and guidelines including contractual terms, performance obligations and revenue allocation.

With complex revenue recognition guidelines and evolving accounting standards, businesses need a reliable solution to streamline their processes. Leading cloud accounting solution, Sage Intacct has an extensive offering of features, including its robust revenue recognition module, which simplifies and automates revenue recognition tasks.

Here are our Top 5 Features:

1. Advanced Revenue Automation

The Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition module provides advanced automation capabilities, which helps reduce manual effort and minimise errors. The system automates revenue calculations based on various criteria, such as sales orders, contract terms and billing schedules.

Users can define revenue recognition rules specific to the business, ensuring compliance with accounting standards and industry regulations. The automation of repetitive tasks frees up the finance team to focus on strategic activities and make informed decisions.

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2. Flexible Revenue Recognition Methods

Sage Intacct offers flexible revenue recognition methods to accommodate diverse business models and revenue streams. The system supports both time-based and event-based revenue recognition, allowing you to choose the method that aligns with your unique requirements.

Whether you recognise revenue based on milestones, completion percentages or specific dates, Sage Intacct provides the necessary flexibility to adapt to your business processes, ensuring accurate revenue recognition and enhanced financial transparency.

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3. Real-time Revenue Visibility

One of the standout features of Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition is its real-time visibility into revenue data. The system provides comprehensive dashboards and reports that give you instant access to critical revenue information.

Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition enables you to:

  • Track recognised and deferred revenue.
  • Analyse revenue trends.
  • Access revenue performance insights at various levels (such as by customer, product or business unit) on-demand.

Stay ahead in today’s dynamic business environment with Sage Intacct!

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4. Integrated Contract and Subscription Management

Businesses who rely on recurring revenue models would greatly benefit from Sage Intacct’s seamless integration between revenue recognition and contract or subscription management.

The system centralises all relevant data, including customer contracts, subscription terms and billing information. This integration ensures accurate and timely recognition of revenue associated with subscriptions, renewals and modifications.

Automating the link between contract management and revenue recognition eliminates the risk of revenue leakage and ensures compliance with revenue recognition guidelines.

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5. Compliance and Audit-Readiness

With constantly evolving accounting standards and regulations, maintaining compliance is crucial for businesses. Sage Intacct Revenue Recognition is designed to help organisations achieve compliance and stay audit-ready, thanks to its built-in controls and workflows and accurate financial reporting.

Sage Intacct users can:

  • Define approval processes.
  • Establish segregation of duties.
  • Maintain an audit trail of revenue recognition activities.

Sage Intacct’s compliance features reduce the risk of errors and fraud while facilitating smooth audits and financial reporting.


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