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Frustrated with outdated accounting processes? Read on to find out why your finance team needs finance automation…

Did you know many finance teams are spending around 10 hours per week on manual processes they could be relieved of through financial process automation?

When you think that equates to 40 hours per month, that’s one full time employee working an entire week purely on manual tasks!

There’s got to be an opportunity for improvement there, right?! Using a financial automation software such as Sage Intacct was built to do just that…

The Digital Future of Finance

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Set your Finance Team free with Sage Intacct Cloud Finance Software

Now, we know how daunting implementing a system change can be in business; concerns over the cost, the upheaval and how your employees will react – is it worth the effort? In a word, yes, here’s why…

Without financial process automation, a host of time-consuming manual tasks are hogging the time of your talented Finance Team. Is there a better use for their time than spending hours on processes like manual consolidations pulling data from multiple systems and report generation?

Sage Intacct is a true cloud finance automation software, accessible from anywhere in the world with internet connection.

Say goodbye to manual consolidations, Excel spreadsheet data exports from your CRM system and slow report generation – with finance automation it’s all taken care of for you.

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The Automation Advantage with Sage Intacct

Finance automation not only frees up time spent on manual processes, it delivers a wealth of benefits including:

  • Eliminates human error and duplication of work.
  • A single source of truth -Sage Intacct integrates with your existing systems (like Salesforce) bringing all your financial data into one easily accessible place.
  • On-demand reporting in real time – access your key financial and statistical data via web browser, anywhere, anytime.
  • Promotes profitable growth – on-demand data access data enables you to spot opportunities & trends and alerts you when things aren’t going to plan so timely adjustments can be made.

Adopting financial process automation is a game changer for boosting efficiency and productivity across the workforce – with the time spent on mundane processes freed up, the path clears for more time to focus  on  strategic planning driving business growth.


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From Surviving to Thriving with Sage Intacct Finance Automation

Much more than just number-crunchers, the finance team should be key players in strategic planning and forecasting – something that becomes possible when their time becomes available.

With less admin to handle and self-service to automated reports in real time, when you implement finance automation software, your business is in prime position to gain a competitive edge in the market place,

Want to see how Sage Intacct could be of benefit to your business?

At Acuity Solutions , we work with you, getting to know your business goals (and challenges) and working out the right solution for you.   

We benefit from over 30 years of experience in Sage products and specific experience in Sage Intacct implementation (the only UK Sage Partner offering fixed prices). 

Get in touch and let’s see how you could harness the power of cloud accounting in your business…


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