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Our Sage Intacct customers are taking control of their entire procure-to-pay processes, increasing the speed, accuracy and efficiency of their purchasing. We’re covering the benefits of Sage Intacct Purchasing further in this post…

Sage Intacct Purchasing is a powerful tool empowering businesses to tighten controls over their purchasing processes. Through streamlined procurement, enhanced visibility and structured approvals, read on for 8 ways acuity customers are optimising their spending and streamlining their procurement.

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1. Streamlining Procurement Processes

Sage Intacct Purchasing offers a streamlined procurement process that enhances efficiency. It allows for centralised purchase requests, approvals and order creation, ensuring a structured and transparent procurement flow.

By digitising these processes, the need for manual paperwork is eliminated, reducing the chance of errors and delays.


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2. Robust Approvals Workflow

Maintaining control requires a robust approval system. Sage Intacct’s Purchasing module offers customisable approval workflows, aligning with an organisation’s specific approval hierarchy. This ensures purchases undergo a systematic approval process, preventing unauthorised spending and enforcing compliance with company policies.

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3. Enhanced Visibility and Transparency

A key aspect of tightening controls is having clear visibility into the entire purchasing lifecycle. Sage Intacct provides real-time visibility into purchase requests, orders, approvals and order tracking.

This transparency allows finance teams to closely monitor transactions, identify any irregularities promptly and take appropriate actions.

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4. Budget Management and Control

One of the most cricital aspects of financial control is effective budget management. Sage Intacct Purchasing integrates seamlessly with budgeting modules, enabling users to monitor budgets in real-time.

This linkage ensures purchase requests align with budget availability, preventing overspending and fostering financial discipline.

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5. Automated Purchase Order Creation

Sage Intacct streamlines the creation of purchase orders. Once a purchase request is approved, the system can automatically convert it into a purchase order. The automation reduces manual effort, minimises errors and accelerates the procurement process, enabling users to respond quickly to market demands.

6. Supplier Management and Negotiation

Maintaining a database of approved suppliers is essential for cost control and efficient purchasing. Sage Intacct Purchasing allows organisations to maintain a comprehensive supplier database. Moreover, it offers insights into supplier performance and purchasing history, facilitating informed negotiation for better terms and pricing.

7. Expenses Tracking and Allocation

Tightening controls involves both tracking purchases, and the effective allocation of expenses. Sage Intacct’s seamless integration with other modules enables accurate allocation of expenses, ensuring each expense is allocated to the right cost centres, projects or departments, aiding precise financial reporting and analysis.

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8. Audit Trail and Compliance

Sage Intacct Purchasing maintains a detailed audit trail of all purchasing activities. This is a crucial feature for regulatory compliance and internal auditiing. It ensures every transaction is recorded, providing a comprehensive trail that can be reviewed for compliance validation and auditing purposes.

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