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Sales and Finance are key business departments, playing a vital role in driving growth and profitability, but when they operate in silos it can lead to missed opportunities, inefficiencies and miscommunication. In this post we’re sharing how to align Sales and Finance teams and how Sage Intacct helps achieve this… 


how to align sales and finance

Why do you need to align Sales and Finance?

If ensuring financial stability, optimising revenue generation and overall operation efficiency improvements are important in your business, it’s time to align sales and finance!  

Moving to a Cloud accounting platform like Sage Intacct provides powerful integration with other key systems to help streamline processes and improve efficiency and collaboration. In particular, the Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration is a match made in heaven – check out why below: 

How to Align Sales and Finance with Sage Intacct and Salesforce

When you integrate a robust financial management system (Sage Intacct) with a powerful CRM system (Salesforce), the result is a seamless flow of data between departments. 

Customer and financial information are effortlessly synchronised, eliminating manual data entry and reconciliations and both teams gain access to real-time information helping them make faster, better decisions and identify potential issues as they arise. 

Accurate and up-to-date information is essential for sales and finance teams to forecast sales figures, manage cash flow and make important financial decisions.  

Integrating these systems mean data inputted to Salesforce is automatically transmitted to Sage Intacct, providing the finance team with real-time insights into sales performance and trends. Potential revenue gaps are easily identified so necessary adjustments can be performed quickly, improving the overall financial health of the organisation.

Salesforce is known as the powerhouse in terms of managing leads, streamlining sales processes and improving customer relationship management. 

When integrated with Sage Intacct the benefits are amplified; sales teams can view customer account information, such as credit limit terms, payment history and outstanding invoices promoting informed decision making during the sales process (like negotiating payment terms).  

Quotes and invoices can be generated directly from Salesforce, reducing admin and accelerating the entire sales cycle. 

Synchronised sales and financial data fosters collaboration and transparency as both departments can access a unified view of customer information, including sales orders, invoices and payment details. 

Communication gaps are eliminated, the risk of errors is minimised and cross-functional teamwork is enhanced. Sales teams can collaborate with finance to resolve payment issues promptly while finance teams can proactively provide insights on customer creditworthiness, ensuring a seamless and consistent customer experience. 

Imagine an automated invoicing and payment collection system, better (and easier) cash flow management and enhanced customer satisfaction – all made possible with the power of Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration!  

Users can make a sale in Salesforce and the invoice is automatically generated via Sage Intacct, reducing manual effort, time and errors. This streamlined process accelerates the invoicing and payment collection cycle, enabling finance teams to monitor outstanding balances, send reminders and improve overall cash flow management. 

The customer experience becomes smoother as a result, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty – now that’s what we call a win-win! 

Get more insights into Sage Intacct with our on-demand demo here: Watch Demo.

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