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Is Sage 200 still the right accounting solution for your business?

Read on for 5 signs you could be outgrowing Sage 200, and whether Sage Intacct could be the answer…

In today’s challenging and competitive economic climate, you need to ensure your financial management solution can still support you when your business begins to grow in size or complexity.

Limitations in functional gaps or increased overhead costs can hinder your progress; so, if the following 5 signs resonate with your business woes, it could be time to upgrade from Sage 200 to best-in-class cloud finance solution, Sage Intacct.

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Sign #1 – Ineffective Reporting.

Data spread across multiple systems and databases? If so, time spent extracting it into excel then manually manipulating it is taking up too much of your finance team’s time.

Symptoms of ineffective reporting manifest as:

  • Working overtime to meet deadlines.
  • Difficulty in analysing your data & decision making based on historical data.
  • Delays in supplying stakeholders with information.

Simplifying your chart of accounts with cloud finance software Sage Intacct can overcome the challenges of outgrowing Sage 200 through features like:

  • Flexible, permission-based Dashboards for instant visibility into data.
  • Dimensional reporting capabilities in real-time.
  • The automation of manual processes, freeing up time & reducing errors.
  • Integration with Salesforce and other systems for a one-location data centre.

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Sign #2 – Lack of Analysis.

Limited analysis into your increasing amounts of data leaves you behind the curve and less able to make well-informed decisions. If by the time you’ve exported and manipulated data into a usable form it’s no longer meaningful, it’s time to find a more suitable system

Sage Intacct enables multi-dimensional analysis, so you can slice and dice your data however you need to; view data by client, location, time period or whichever way you need to track performance.

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multiple enitities

Sign #3 - More companies, more problems?

While Sage 200 enables you to run multiple companies, each forms a separate database, so you still need to login to each separately to enter transactions or run reports. As a result, the more companies you operate, the more time consuming it becomes to view, process and analyse data across the organisation.

The multi-entity management capabilities of cloud native Sage Intacct enable you to login to one single system to view and manage accounts across multiple sites and even multiple currencies.

Moving to cloud accounting Sage Intacct allows users immediate access to the data they need across the entire organisation.

Permission-based access to reporting and dashboards let the user see the information most relevant to them; a P&L overview for the CFO, sales figures for the Sales Manager, Budgets vs Actuals for Project Managers and much more.

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Sign #4 - Deferred revenue in spreadsheets.

Are manual processes and endless spreadsheets slowing down your month or year-end close? Businesses who handle deferred revenue notice frustrations including:

  • Too much time spent on the duplication of data entry.
  • A lack of visibility into their true cash position.
  • Considerable time spent using spreadsheets to manage calculations.
  • Increased manual errors.

If these issues start becoming an issue, Sage Intacct delivers in-built flexible revenue recognition capabilities to manage these processes – freeing up hours of time, improving accuracy and enabling you to close your books up to 80% faster.

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Sign #5 - Additional costs.

Sage 200 users need to budget for the costs of purchasing and maintaining additional hardware and licensing costs as the business grows. Upgrades to the latest software, necessary security enhancements and IT support are also unavoidable costs.

Sage Intacct’s multi-tenant, true cloud foundation provides access to a robust technology infrastructure – minus the costly server management.

Designed to grow with a business, there are no concerns re data storage or increased volumes of transactions for Sage Intacct users.

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