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Navigating VAT requirements is a crucial but often complex process; in this post we’re exploring how Sage Intacct streamlines VAT handling for greater efficiency and easier compliance…

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Easier VAT Management with Sage Intacct

Making VAT management simpler and more efficient provides businesses with reassurance and confidence, ensuring compliance with complex regulations.

Cloud accounting solution Sage Intacct provides finance professionals and leaders with the tools needed to streamline processes across multiple entities and countries through automation and real-time insights.

Let’s take a closer look at VAT handling in Sage Intacct:



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VAT Handling in Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct simplifies VAT calculations through process automation, accurately calculating VAT amounts based on transactional data while taking into account relevant rates and rules.

This reduces the risk of manual errors and saves your team time (and stress!).

Watch Intacct’s automation power in action in our Automating Recurring Journal Entries 3 minute video here.

Businesses who deal in cross-border transactions need a system that can manage VAT across different currencies. Sage Intacct’s multi-currency support enables seamless handling of VAT in various countries, ensuring accuracy and compliance irrespective of the transaction origins across all entities.

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Compliance with VAT regulations requires detailed reporting. Intacct’s customisable reporting allows businesses to generate VAT reports tailored to their specific needs; whether that’s filing VAT returns or conducting internal audits, Sage Intacct provides the necessary tools to streamline the reporting process.

Check out how Sage Intacct Reporting solved a main source of accounting frustration for an Acuity customer – read their story here.

Traceability and documentation are essential aspects of VAT compliance. Sage Intacct maintains comprehensive audit trails, providing visibility into VAT-related transactions and changes. This audit trail functionality enhances transparency and simplifies the audit process, helping businesses demonstrate compliance with confidence.


Sage Intacct’s Dashboards enable you to customise a range of relevant data and information, such as reports, graphs, performance stats by location, individual or department etc and to access them via internet connection in real-time.

Get a glimpse of Intacct’s customisable dashboards in our short video demo here.


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What benefits are customers experiencing?

Using Sage Intacct for VAT management is delivering numerous benefits for customers including:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Finance teams are accomplishing tasks faster with reduced manual workload and improved resource allocation.
  • Reduced Compliance Risks: Reduced risk of manual errors in VAT calculations and improved reporting, assisting with easier compliance and keeping them “audit-ready”.
  • Cost Savings: Streamlining VAT processes and reducing manual intervention is helping businesses save admin overhead costs and reduces the chance of incurring penalties or fines due to non-compliance.

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